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In a world where inclusivity is promoted in every aspect of life, traveling has also become inclusive with the advancements in the automotive industry. The myth of selective mobility has been debunked by the introduction of an adult 3-wheel electric bike, which has made traveling convenient for adults and also for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Various types of e-trikes can be found in the market, designed to meet the diverse needs of the riders and provide them optimum comfort and convenience. One such adult 3-wheel electric bike includes a semi-recumbent e-trike, designed for people having back pain, musculoskeletal conditions, and mobility issues or for maintaining fitness.

Addmotor is always at the forefront when it comes to updating and introducing the latest variety of adult 3-wheel electric bike that provides optimum comfort to the riders and delivers efficient performance. Addmotor launched the world’s first semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike, the Arisetan M-360 e-trike, packed with exciting features, making it a perfect blend of comfort and performance. Recently Addmotor upgraded their semi-recumbent e-trike with more advanced features to make it a complete package of comfort and performance. So let’s see what features make the Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 e-trike a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Rear-mounted powerful motor

The Arisetan II M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike comes with a powerful 750-watt rear-mounted electric motor. The placement of the electric motor at the rear end increases the trike’s performance by many folds. The rear-end placement of the electric motor efficiently distributes the weight and increases the stability of the e-trike. It also provides greater traction, allowing you to control and handle your e-trike conveniently, while accelerating or decelerating on all kinds of terrains, be it hills, sandy beaches, and uneven, smooth, or rocky surfaces. These benefits of the powerful rear-mounted electric motor of the Arisetan II M-360 e-trike result in an effortless riding experience, without requiring much strength or fitness from the rider.

Addmotor Arisetan M-360 E-trike 2

Semi-recumbent frame design

In traditional bikes, pedaling usually becomes tiring, as it requires strength and puts added pressure on the joints, so adults and people with joint pain and musculoskeletal conditions avoid riding traditional bikes, which makes them dependent. But the Addmotor Arisetan M-360 e-trike with a semi-recumbent frame design is specially introduced for people looking for an e-trike that they can ride in a comfortable and relaxed position. The pedals of the semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike are placed in front of the rider’s legs rather than beneath them like in traditional bicycles. This position of the pedals puts less strain on the joints during pedaling for long distances or on tough terrains like hills. The pedals of the semi-recumbent e-trike frame are positioned lower to the ground, contributing to the lower center of gravity, which enhances the stability of the e-trike, and prevents incidents of tipping or falling.

Parking brake

One of the new updated features of the Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike includes a parking brake feature. The parking brake which was previously missing in the older models, is added for the safety and convenience of the riders. It lets you park the e-trike anywhere you want regardless of the surface, whether it is inclined, flat, slippery, or smooth, your e-trike will remain in its place. You can stop your trike anywhere on an inclined surface by squeezing the parking brake, and you can stroll around or run some errand without worrying about the e-trike accidentally rolling away from the spot.


Another updated feature in the Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike is the rear-end differential. To make the riding experience more safe and comfortable, a rear-end differential is added to the Addmotor adult 3-wheel electric bike. Usually, the two wheels at the rear end of the e-trike are connected with an axle and work in unison, rotating at the same speed and direction. It increases the chances of tipping or slippage, especially while turning an e-trike, which results in accidents. So a rear-end differential is added that allows the wheels present at the rear end to spin independently at different speeds and directions, keeping the e-trike balanced and stable while making a turn or even when cruising at higher speed. The rear-end differential in the e-trike allows the riders to easily control and handle the e-trike and prevent any tipping, slippage, or loss of control.

Mid-axis torque sensor

The Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike is a perfect blend of comfort and performance as it has features that play a role in displaying both attributes. The mid-axis torque sensor feature is one such example. Positioned at the pedals, the mid-axis torque sensor accurately measures the force applied by the rider during pedaling and allows the electric motor to supply the power precisely, according to the need. Whether you want to ride the e-trike at a higher speed or maintain a slow or steady pace, the mid-axis torque sensor will allow the electric motor to respond and assist you based on the force you apply during pedaling. By usage of the power only as much as needed saves the battery and extends the range of the e-trike. This results in an overall improvement in the efficiency of an adult 3-wheel electric bike and allows a smooth riding experience.

Trailer tube

The Addmotor Arisetan II semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike comes with a large waterproof storage bag and has an impressive payload capacity of 380 lbs. But if you want to increase the cargo capacity to carry larger loads on Addmotor e-trike you can simply connect the cargo trailer with a reinforced trailer tube and conveniently and effortlessly carry larger loads. The reinforced trailer tube allows an effortless attachment to the trailer and allows you to carry heavy loads on the e-trike conveniently without causing any hindrance in the speed and traction of the e-trike.


When looking for an adult 3-wheel electric bike, one has to compromise either on comfort or performance. But not anymore, as the Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike is fully equipped with updated features and components that make it a perfect blend of comfort and performance. You can travel independently regardless of your health conditions and ride the Addmotor Arisetan M-360 II e-trike on hills effortlessly with your back fully relaxed and joints in a pain-free position. If you are still unsure if you can ride an e-trike, then head over to our website to learn more about our semi-recumbent e-trike.