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Alessandra Linville Bailey is a celebrity kid and the daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey. Alessandra is the second in a family of four children, and she was born on February 12, 2013. The young beauty came into the limelight in 2018 when she appeared in Guess Kid’s spring campaign, and her mother is a great actress and fashion model.

Who is Alessandra Linville Bailey’s Mother

Devon Aoki is the mother of Allesandra Linville, a famous actress, and model. Devon started modeling when she was thirteen. She debuted as a model in 1997 and has grown famous for modeling for brands like Chanel and Balenciaga.

When Devon was sixteen in 1997, she became Versace’s new face, replacing Naomi Campbell. During her modeling career, she grew her brand and worked with established brands. Big names like Hugo Boss, Lancôme, Tiffany & Co, and many others sought the young model to work with them.

In early 2000, Aoki started acting. Among the early films she appeared in are friendly Fire, Sin City, Dead or Alive, and many others.

How Did Allessandra’s Parents Meet?

Alessandra’s parents met in 2010. Before then, Devon had dated a few high-profile men, including actor Joseph Levitt in 2009. The relationship with the actor was short-lived, and they stopped dating after a few months.

Soon after, in 2010, Devon met James Bailey, an investment banker. Bailey and Devon were growing fond of each other, and in January 2011, they were engaged. Months later, the duo welcomed their first child in June 2011. The child was named Hunter.

The Career of Alessandra Linville Bailey

Alessandra is still young, and the career she will pursue is yet to be known. Although her mother was a famous model and actor, Alessandra has not yet shown signs apart from participating in the 2018 campaign. Hopefully, she will grow up to be a recognized actress and model like her mother.

Why is Devon Aoki Popular?

Although Devon Aoki retired early to focus on motherhood, she has remained to be recognized as one of the most recognized models. The fashion industry recognizes her as an icon because of the many deals she had in the 1990s when he was in her teen years.

Devon was so talented in modeling that by the time she reached sixteen, she was one of the most demanded girls in the fashion industry. Top photographers like Juergen Teller, Ellen Von Unwerth, and Nick Night transformed the growing model in all her images.

In 2019, Marie Claire listed Devon as one of the 15 supermodels of the early 2000s that transformed the face of fashion. Moreover, the famous singer Rihanna channeled Aoki’s look from the action film Fast 2 Furious for her Fenty Beauty campaign.

Is Devon Aoki in the Fashion Industry?

Devon Aoki retired from acting, but that does not mean she stopped engaging in fashion activities. Among her latest works is when she co-chaired the 2018 Red Cross Gala in San Francisco alongside his half-brother Steve.