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Bond girl Camille Montes from 2008 Quantum of Solace must have surely made a mark in the minds of every movie buff out there. The role was played by Ukrainian-French actress and model Olga Kostyantynivna Kurylenko. She has also played a major role as Nika Boronina in the film adaptation of the popular game Hitman. Recently, she has shared pictures of her adorable 6-year old son, Alexander Max Horatio and that had won the hearts of every fan and follower.

Read on to know more about the personal life, career, education details, net worth and more details about Alexander Max Horatio.

Personal Life

Not much information regarding the personal life of Alexander Max Horatio has been revealed as her parents do not wish to bring him in front of the camera too much. He was born in October 2015, but the exact birth date is not clear. We do not know anything about his education, or his lifestyle.


Alexander Max Horatio is the son of Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kostyantynivna Kurylenko and philanthropist Max Benitz. They have separated and are no longer in a relationship. However, young Alexander still gets the love and attention of both his parents.

Alexander Max Horatio

Parents’ Career

Alexander’s mother, Olga Kurylenko is an actress and model and has played important parts in quite a few popular movies. She starred in hits like Oblivion, To the Wonder, The Man Who Killed Don Quiote and Johnny English Strikes Again among others. She also played Antonia Dreykov in 2021 MCU film Black Widow and also in the comedy heist film Heat High alongside Don Johnson,

Alexander Max Horatio’s father Max Benitz is an English writer, journalist and retired actor. He appeared in Sins of the Father of the tenth series of Trials and Retribution in 2007. Since then, he has focused on his journalism career, and has appeared in only one film, The Water Diviner in 2014. He has also worked in several philanthropic missions all over the world.

Education and Career

Alexander Max Horatio has usually stayed away from the limelight, and his mother, Olga Kurylenko has kept him mostly hidden from the cameras and prying paparazzies. He is around 6 years old, and old enough to join primary school. However, which school he attends, and his future aspirations and goals in life are all mysteries to us right now.

Net Worth

Alexander Max Horatio is still a young boy and has not been exposed to the glitz and glam of Hollywood much. However, considering that his parents are quite famous and renowned, he must be living a luxurious life. His mother Olga Kurylenko has a net worth of about $15 million, whereas his father Max Benitz has a net worth of about $1.5 million. Theoretically speaking, his net worth is quite high, but it would not be a great idea to make speculations without proper conformation!


Alexander Max Horatio is still young, and he has plenty of chances of becoming successful in life, just like his parents. He has been trying to stay off of cameras and we know very little about his wishes and aspirations. However, his fans and well wishers hope that he as a great life ahead and succeeds in life. Whether he will follow his parents’ paths, or will make a path of his own – it will surely be interesting to watch.