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During the 2021 bull market, we saw the emergence of the blockchain-powered metaverse. The GameFi paradigm took its roots in gaming coins, and a huge variety of play-to-earn games encountered huge success.

Although the market is not performing quite well at the moment, these gaming tokens are still generating good volume on exchanges. Games like Alien Worlds and their TLM token are still wildly popular within the crypto community and get continuous updates to their systems.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into Alien Worlds and provide some details on the game, its rules, and its features. Moreover, we will analyze the TLM token and go over its use cases and future potential. This should be a good way to understand the TLM to WAX correlation and how Alien worlds is connected to the WAX blockchain. Let’s get started.

How to Play Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a sci-fi game that focuses on space exploration and resource management. Blockchain assets, including fungible and non-fungible tokens, entirely power the game and allow users to interact with its metaverse.

Players can interact with the game and mine Trillium (TLM), which is the native token of the game. Then, they can stake this Trillium with different planets to participate in their governance and increase the rewards they can receive through mining. More precisely, the users that stake their TLM get the right to vote on the weekly Planetary Council and decide how those rewards are distributed.

Additionally, users can collect NFTs that are integrated into various gameplay mechanisms:

  • Land NFTs represent parcels of land that users either mine themselves or lend to others.
  • Tools, which enhance the rewards received from mining.
  • Avatars, which are essential to playing the game and being represented on the gameboard.
  • Missions add various objectives for the players to complete.

The game is continuously updated with new features and has a great roadmap up ahead.

Blockchain Specifics

Initially, the Alien Worlds game was created to run on the WAX chain. WAX is an NFT-specific blockchain that provides low transaction costs and high speeds. That was the perfect playing ground for Alien Worlds, as it enabled the microtransactions the game requires to run properly.

However, to increase its reach, the game has been ported on multiple blockchains, including the BNB Chain and Ethereum. Through a feature called “Teleport,” users can bridge their TLM to other chains and start a new adventure.

This feature also allows users to trade their TLM tokens on different blockchains and benefit from more advanced decentralized exchanges like Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

TLM Coin Price Analysis

Released in May 2021, the TLM token just barely managed to catch the hype of the metaverse tokens. Consequently, its value has been dropping consistently over time and has never managed to recover to its previous heights.

The token was worth $0.75 in May 2021 and due to its inflationary nature, it continued to lose value to reach $0.45 in November 2021. The bear market hasn’t been kind to the price either as TLM has slowly dropped to $0.015 in 2022.

That being said, this makes TLM a great investment for those that want passive income. Its current low prices should allow investors to pick up a consequential amount for cheap and put it to work through staking or play the game and participate in the DAO.

All in all, it’s one of the cheaper blockchain games to get started with, which allows users to start earning right away, without much of a skill threshold.


Alien Worlds is an exciting and fun game to play for everyone that loves resource management games. And in addition to that fun side, it allows great passive income opportunities, as long as you find the right exchange rate for the TLM token — you can check out for that: