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Although her fame is also attributed to being the ex-wife of Ira Glass, Anaheed Alani has also established herself as an American writer, activist, and podcaster. Anaheed got into the limelight courtesy of her activist blog, which soon saw her getting invited to speak on different platforms. Here are a few details worth mentioning about Anaheed Alani.

Biography of Anaheed Alani

Anaheed was born in 1971. She is an American national, and her profession is being a writer, an activist, and a podcaster. Anaheed has not publicly shared her birthdate, and we only know the year. She is currently divorced but retains fame as the ex-wife of Ira Glass, a famous public radio personality.

Early Life and Education

Anaheed was born in the United States. Her parents are Iranian, and she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to Anaheed, her childhood was sheltered, and she felt privileged. Her parents had successful careers, as they were both doctors.

Anaheed attended private schools, and although her high school is not disclosed, she joined the University of California, Berkey, to pursue a degree in journalism. It was this time when she was a student that she started being an activist for the students.

Anaheed was an active participant in protests geared against the Vietnam War. Besides, she also opposed the apartheid system happening in South Africa. Moreover, she often volunteered at a local radio station, and this experience helped nurture her skills as a podcaster.

After Anaheed graduated from university, she opted to work as a journalist and held that career for many years. During this time, she covered different topics, including culture, politics, and social issues.

Anaheed later found the career not suitable and took a different route. She started The Accidental Activist blog in 2015, and that’s how she became famous. On her blog, she shared thoughts on social injustices happening around, such as sexism and racism. Besides, she also shared the struggles she was having being a housewife.

Her blog soon went viral, and Anaheed started receiving requests to speak at different events. Although she never expected it, Anaheed soon started getting requests to write for other organizations. The blog was not her final work. In 2017, she took things further by publishing her memoir: The Accidental Activist.

Her book opened more opportunities and was a commercial success for her. Besides, it solidified her stand on being vocal about social injustices in the community.

Anaheed’s Family

Although we have no detailed information about her parents, we know that they were Iranian. Anaheed was once married to Ira Glass in August 2005. Her ex-husband is a famous radio host and also a TV producer. The two also started a podcaster.

Anaheed and Ira Glass met in 1997 and started dating. They then moved to New York in 2007 and became a couple. The couple worked together to create more wealth before they divorced. For reasons not disclosed, the couple divorced in 2017 and no information is shared about Anaheed’s current relationship status.