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If you are equipped with devices like MAC and PC, then you know about automatically importing images from them into the library section of your phone device. But it does not seem convenient when visible to anyone.

Well, if it seems to bother you, then relax, as thankfully, there are some helpful apps where pictures can be hidden on one’s iPhone. You can save them with a sturdy password and can lock them. Another option is to put them behind the calculator to hide them.

Apps to keep your pictures hidden

Many applications comprise secret folders where pictures that seem personal can be transformed into them. Let us have a glance at these apps that help in hiding your pictures on the phone.

Pic Lock 2.0

This comes as the best free app option in letting you hide your pictures through a code that must be robust. Or you can even lock it via a difficult pattern. The interface of this photo hiding app is very smooth and makes it easy for the user to access it.

This app comprises a provision of a locking system for hiding pictures like any ideal photo locking app is expected to be. You can make the best use of your USB in sharing iTunes. Pictures can also be transferred to your photo app on the iPhone.

But let me tell you if you are going for the free application then you won’t be getting updates daily. But if you choose another version which is paid one, then it is vice versa. Moreover, issues related to stability can also be fixed. Also, more new features are added.


If you want to keep your pictures secret, the HiddenVault comes as another option for it. This app is much helpful in keeping your videos and pictures safely on your iPhone. Kyle Allen is known to be the person behind the coining of this technology that helps in the safe storing of a huge number of images and videos.

It follows a special mechanism of encryption and provides ways for photo and video security. By this I mean you can either choose to mention the PIN or can simply refer to identification via face or touch. This will enable photo locking.

The reason why any technical expert would surely advise you for this app is that one can rest assured of the privacy of his/her personal information. If your phone consists of an Apple folder, then whatever pictures and videos you have can be stored safely here. And believe it, this will also ward off the prying eyes of hackers.

Moreover, it cannot be accessed by anyone behind the development. You will be making the right decision in choosing a secured app like HiddenVault for concealing and securing your pictures and videos from unwanted sights. For all those having iPhone devices, don’t miss the chance to install this picture guard.

Here is the app store link:


The name itself is enough to justify the purpose it is made for. KeepSafe is an application where users can choose a locking tactic that should be simple for them to use. This will enable him to create a pin in 4 digits, and thus it would help in securing your pictures by hiding them.

KeepSafe is equipped with camera features that enable you to click on pictures and get them stored in the app directly. Your pictures are sure enough will be protected. If you think whether it is possible to secure or hide one’s personal videos in this app, then the answer is an absolute yes. Besides being concerned about your pictures, your videos can also be protected in this app.

But keep in mind that any picture should not remain lying in the photo app of your iPhone device, at the time when you import it to the KeepSafe app. Moreover, albums can also be created in the latter app, and pictures can be transferred directly.

Private Photo Vault

This also joins the list of best free apps in safeguarding your privacy with pictures and videos with the technique of locking via complex pattern. Another option is creating a strong password that you can remember.

Coming on to explore its features, this app lets you in organizing an album where you can put your pictures and videos. What you have to do is simply choose the pictures that you want to keep private and then secure them on your created private album through a secret password.


This photo hiding app is another great choice to make with. Here you can save your personal pictures through a calculator to your iPhone device. Your videos, as well as pics, are both protected in this app with the help of its robust characteristic feature of the password.

Your videos can be played directly on FLV. Besides this, it also supports another file format which is AVI. All kudos to Airplay, with the help of which video support is integrated. Note that there is no free version, only the paid one is available.

This app proves to be useful software in securing your personal document. Here importing text and PDF files can be done into this app. A calculator can be of much help in hiding your personal files behind it. In case you want to see your videos and pictures, then you can view them in the KYMS app. It is all possible with the help of a nifty viewer which is present in the app.

It often happens that while logging on to your device, you forget to type the password that you made last time. But KYMS can handle this issue well with the recovery characteristic. It lets you recall the last password with a special code provision, called PUK.

Final Words

So these are some of the best applications where you can hide your photos and videos by following a special technique of complex pattern and a robust password and personal information number (PIN). 

Some of these apps allow you to organize galleries to store your personal data there. In an app like KYMS, you can hide your photos and videos behind the calculator also on your iPhone-supported device.