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Arabella is a stage actress from England. She is known as an actress, a comedian, and a singer. Arabella caught public attention after she appeared in the Swim to Land. She co-wrote the film, and acting is a thing in her family. One of her sisters is a famous actress, while the other helped her write the Swim to Land. This post presents different insights that we have about Arabella Gibbins. Read on!

Meet Arabella Gibbins

Arabella is mainly known as a stage actress. She was born on November 20, 1985, in Liverpool, England, and her birth sign is Scorpio. Arabella has two sisters and a brother. Her brother is Toby, who plays a role in Game of Thrones. Her sister Florence is also an actor and appeared in the Little Woman film. Her other sister, Raffie, is a celebrity, and her popularity is due to her appearance in the film Born of War.

Arabella wears different hats. She is a stage actress and works as a comedian and a singer. Besides, she is a voice coach, and her main work includes starring in the Swim to Land, which she co-wrote with Toby Sebastian, her brother.

Education Background and Career

Arabella has not shared where she joined high school. However, we know that she joined The Oxford School of Drama, where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in professional acting in 2013. Besides, she received an MFA in Voice Studies in 2019 from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Talking about her career, we’ve already mentioned that she is an actress, singer, and comedian. She is a bold character, and a good example of her confidence in her career and passion was when she had a one-woman show at the Vault Festival in 2018. She even won the Origins Award for Outstanding New Work.

Moreover, Arabella has also focused on voice coaching singers, actors, and TV presenters. She has focused on this path since 2009 on her website.

Meet Florence Pugh, Arabella’s Famous Sister

Although Arabella has two sisters, Florence Pugh is the most famous one. She was born on January 3, 1996, in Oxford, England, and her birth sign is Capricorn. Before fame met her, Florence was starting as an actress, and her first acting gigs involved posting song covers to her YouTube channel.

Her first TV movie was in 2015, and she appeared alongside Riley Smith and Heather Graham in the Studio City movie. Arabella has appeared in different films so far, and one of her famous ones includes when she appeared alongside Maxine Peake and Maisie Williams. They acted in The Falling Film in 2014.

Arabella’s Net Worth, Relationship, and Controversies

Arabella has focused on her work, ensuring that she earns through it. As of 2024, her net worth is estimated at $2 million. Regarding her relationship status, she has mentioned dating anyone, and we assume she is single. Besides, she hasn’t been in any controversies or drama. Her life is peaceful, and she enjoys keeping it so.