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The archery hunter is a full-fledged implementation of the archer in World of Warcraft Classic. A character with the main attribute of dexterity and one of the strongest indicators of physical damage, concealment and evasion, and target range.

To successfully play in the class, you will need a good bow, light equipment, jewelry and stones that will increase physical attack, chance and critical attack power and increase speed and evasion.

To implement a character, you need a lot of gold, and here are the main ways to get them:

  1. Buy WoW Classic Gold on a special website. The service guarantees the supply of gold in any quantity, providing all measures to disguise the transaction as a regular exchange between players, so that the game administration does not even have a potential reason to impose game sanctions.
  2. Complete story and secondary quests – this will help replenish the character’s purse with coins and provide all the necessary equipment, weapons, jewelry and consumable potions for a successful start in the world of Azeroth.
  3. Master the system of professions – in the world of WoW, there are gathering and craft professions. The former are needed to extract all the necessary materials for craft professions, the latter to create equipment, weapons, jewelry and other useful equipment. Gathering professions can be mined to earn gold, or accumulated for your own pumping and craft everything you need on your own. Craftsmen are needed for themselves and earning gold by selling all excess equipment. For a hunter, Skinning and Leatherworking will be optimal. You can create armor and a bow with arrows.
  4. 4. If you wish, you can learn the professions of a fisherman and a cook. These are additional specialties that are available to all players, but many neglect them. Fishing makes it possible to catch two types of fish – for food and for reagents. The first type is needed for leveling cooking, the second one is for inscribers and can be sold. The cook, on the other hand, prepares dishes that will increase the characteristics of all players who taste them. You will be able to cook quality food and host feasts that will increase the performance of entire groups and you can charge a fee for this. Many players use food before going into raids to increase their stats.

Arrow guide for hunter class in World of Warcraft Classic 2

Basic skills for the Hunter class of the Marksmanship specialization

Viper Sting – used against characters with a high mana pool and a dependence on this class indicator. Deals damage and drains mana from enemies, restoring the hunter’s mana.

Snake Sting – Deals heavy damage, depending on the power of the weapon and imposes a poison effect on the target.

Scorpid sting – makes it possible to damage the target and disarm the enemy.

Chimera Shot – Deals damage, refreshes the bite effect that is applied to the target.

Lethal Damage – Increases outgoing damage with the help of bites, complicates the process of dispelling these skills.

Disorienting shot – used almost in close combat. Deals half weapon damage and confuses the target for 4 seconds. The enemy will not be able to select you as a target and attack. The skill is needed to increase the distance between the hunter and his target.

Hold – enhances the effect of any trap and deprives the target of the ability to move for 4 seconds.

Eye of the hawk – significantly increases the range of fire for 6 minutes.

Disengage – the character moves back to get out of combat, or to increase the distance of the target. Can only be used while in combat.

Arrow guide for hunter class in World of Warcraft Classic 3

Tactics of the game against different classes

Against melee opponents

Speed and ranged attacks are your main advantage, and if you allow opponents to get close to you, then the entire potential of the class will be lost. Tanks will cover you in mass battles, but in solo PVP you need to count on your maneuverability.

Use a concussive shot against any target that has the ability to quickly approach you – daggers, warriors, magicians. This skill will significantly slow any target on a successful proc. Increase your distance and then keep shooting.

The snake bite will help you deal consistent damage even if you are unable to shoot.

If the target has a healing option, use an Aimed Shot.

Arcane Shot will deal additional magic damage in a short amount of time.

Use automatic shooting at any convenient opportunity – the skill significantly increases the attack speed when equipped with a bow.

If the enemy gets too close, use breakaway to increase distance, or containment to dodge most attacks and fight.

Against ranged opponents

Against players with ranged attacks you have an advantage – your attack range exceeds any other, and you should always keep your distance, especially against mages.

Hunters and mages have power parity – two classes can quickly destroy each other with different types of damage, and in order to defeat such classes, the hunter must keep the maximum distance, then the mage simply will not be able to attack.

Use the eye of the hawk to increase the distance from which you can fight.

Always use auto fire and volley – they will allow you to deal full burst damage to one target and kill it.

Use Viper Sting – most classes without mana become either useless or significantly weakened in order to fully fight.

Use Feign Death to discard yourself as a target on the enemy and interrupt the spell. The effect can last up to 6 minutes. The mage will be able to bring you out of this state with massive attacks that do not require a target.