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Born to the supermodel Joanna Krupa and successful businessman Douglas Nunes, Asha-Leigh Presley Nunes is already a celebrity from the day she took birth. She came as a blessing to her parents on the 2nd of November 2019. Her birth was announced through an Instagram post on her mother’s feed and ever since then, she is featured a lot there.


Asha-Leigh Nunes’ mother, the gorgeous model, actress, and animal rights activist Joanna Krupa, is seen doting on her daughter in several of her Instagram posts. Anna-Leigh Nunes’ mom Joanna, is a Polish-born American model who is famous for her reality shows Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami. Another title that Asha’s mom has earned is the Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the world, along with being voted the German Maxim’s Model of the Year 2004. Asha’s mom is not just known for her acting or modeling skills but she is also famous for hosting and judging the Top Model show (Polish Version). Baby Asha is considered a blessing to Joanna since this model had just remarried after losing all hopes of finding love after her divorce with Romain Zago in 2017, yet she did find solace in her current husband Douglas in 2018.

Very little is known about the baby star Asha’s father Douglas Nunes.  The very attractive 42-year-old businessman dad of Asha-Leigh, Douglas Nunes states in his LinkedIn bio about his more than 20 years of experience in executive management in mostly the media fields, entertainment, and financial services industry. The qualification stated are indeed very attractive in that certain field so it is clear that he is successful and great at what he does. Asha’s dad serves as the CEO and founding partner of the 451 Media Group Company.

Asha’s parents got married in 2019 and soon welcomed baby Asha into the world after a few months. Baby Asha does not have any siblings yet and is an apple of the eye of both her parents.

Appearance and Career

Celebrity baby Asha-Leigh Presley Nunes turns three this November, so she has yet to fall under the education stress and the glaring limelight that comes with such early fame. The expectation surely would be a lot on this adorable baby and a lot of eyes would be watching all her steps soon enough. This can be the cursed side of fame that a lot of celebrity kids go through, but on a positive note Asha-Leigh has inherited amazing genes from both her parents, what with her mom being a gorgeous supermodel and her dad sporting his salt-pepper looks.

Asha-Leigh Nunes

Net Worth

As the career section of the baby is yet to overflow, her net worth considering her age is redeemed invalid. Although if her parents are taken into consideration then wither mother’s approximated wealth of 8 million dollars and her father’s net worth of 60 million dollars, the baby stands on a wealth of 68 million dollars as her net worth.

Asha-Leigh Nunes

A Promising Talent

One just needs to go through Krupa’s Instagram to see how baby Asha-Leigh is an absolute bundle of joy that covers her feed. Her adorable baby pictures and cute moments with her mother have already got her a good fan base. Baby Asha may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth but ultimately the choices she starts taking while adulting would soon make all the difference. But it’s okay to say that this cute little has a long and hopefully good way to go.