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Audrey Mirabella Botti is a celebrity actress best known for her comments about LGBTQ. The famous actress grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and was born in July 1991. Audrey grew up in her parents’ company and two siblings, Jack and Margo Botti.

Audrey has surprised many fans with her love story but still lives happily with her husband and child. Although the couple now shares a lively bond, their relationship never seemed serious, having met on a blind date. If you want the entire story of Audrey and her partner, continue reading!

Audrey’s Early Life

Audrey grew up as a competitive dancer, skier, and swimmer. She used to compete at Oregon State University, where she was the lead runner and team captain. She describes herself as a fitness expert and posts many fitness posts on her social media.

Audrey’s Marriage

Audrey is a proud wife and mother who strongly believes that couples should have eternal marriages. Although Audrey and Jeremy are so much in love, their relationship does not start easy at first.

The lovebirds met in January 2010 on a blind date their mutual friends had put them through. Their first encounter was very awkward and never the love at first sight that many people think of.

Audrey described that he saw Jeremy to be cute during their first meeting, but she never saw a future with him. But at least they started as friends, for two years, before they started being romantic.

Their relationship has had ups and downs, and they have had to maintain a long-distance friendship. After two years of friendship, they started having a long-distance romantic relationship. Audrey explains she was stubborn, but Jeremy pursued her diligently and faithfully.

Jeremy proposed to Audrey on March 15, 2014, and they planned their big day while in different states. At least they lived in the same state for a month before their wedding date as they prepared for the big day.

Audrey and her husband were engaged for five months before they tied the knot on September 20, 2015. The wedding occurred at Roloff farms, and the family wished them well as they started their life.

Does Audrey Roloff Have Children?

Audrey Roloff is a proud mother to her daughter Ember. The couple announced that they were expecting their daughter in 2017, and a few days after she was born, Audrey took to her social media platforms to post about the extended family.

The couple lives a sweet life and is dedicated to making their marriages work. They started a blog to promote Covenant marriages. The couple is working hard to reduce divorces while encouraging couples to give their spouses more in marriage than 50%.

Through their blog, the couple offers faith-based marriage advice and sells other journals to encourage couples. The actress also runs another blog and store where she sells clothes. Besides the ventures, she has co-written a book with her husband.