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Autumn James Hallisay is a celebrity young girl who surfaced on media after her parents announced she was born. Autumn’s mother is a famous actress and TV personality, and her years of industry experience have always made her name remembered.

Autumn’s mother entered the entertainment industry in the 1990s, and her many years of experience earned her over $2O million in net worth. Here are the details if you want more information about Autumn and her siblings!

Who is Autumn James?

Autumn James was born in November 2013, shortly after her parents had walked down the aisle and tied the knot. Autumn is the eldest child of her parents, and she has two siblings. When Autumn’s mother announced she would be a mother, she revealed that she had always wanted to be a mother to pass on the same love that her mother had given her.

Autumn James’s Mother

Jenifer Love Hewitt is a famous American actress and TV personality. The talented actress is the mother of Autumn and has played a great role in caring for her daughter, giving her a lavish lifestyle. Autumn’s mother got a breakthrough in the acting industry when she was featured in the drama series Party of Five, and since then, she has held many roles in film and television.

Autumn’s mother started singing and dancing in local events before she won the Texas Our Little Miss Talent competition. She started getting too much into entertainment, and her mother supported her by relocating to Los Angeles.

After moving to Los Angeles, Love started booking commercial work, which resulted in her first role in Kids Incorporated. Although the film was short-lived, she started getting various guest roles on TV and in films, which helped her grow her career.

After numerous guest roles, she was cast in Party of Five, and since then, she has had multiple roles in television and film. Autumn’s mother attended Lincoln High School, where she met Jonathan Neville, who recommended her to the Party of Five role.

Besides being a successful actress, Hewitt has tried her hand at singing. She released her first album in 1992. After the first album, she released other albums in the following years, some of which made it to the top of the charts in the United States. However, despite the success in the music industry, Hewitt has remained inactive since 2004.

Who is Autumn’s Father?

Brian Hallisay is a famous actor and the father of Autumn and her two siblings. Autumn’s father studied economics and history at the university, and he worked on Wall Street for a while before he shifted his attention to acting. The actor started appearing in television shows as a guest actor, but with time, he established himself as an experienced actor, landing more roles.

Autumn’s father married actress Jenifer Hewitt in 2013, and they are proud parents to their three children. The couple revealed that they had not thought much about getting a third child, but it is something they had wanted. Autumn’s parents are very wealthy, with her mother having a net worth of around $22 million while her father has a net worth of $5 million.