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If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves then you are somewhat familiar with his life’s story. Keanu suffered many personal losses but nothing comes close to losing his daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Let’s see in detail about Keanu and Jennifer’s tragic story.

Keanu and Jennifer’s love story

Keanu Reeves is a well-known name in the Hollywood industry. His movies like The Matrix Trilogy and the recent John Wick franchise are popular globally. Keanu is now topping the list of most beloved celebrities ever and his goodwill remains unfaded for years now.

Jennifer Syme was also a regular Hollywood name, she did act for a couple of movies but her interests took her more into movie production and development. In 1998 Keanu and Jennifer met and instantly fell in love. They didn’t exchange rings and were in a live-in relationship, their love flourished when Jennifer got pregnant and they were expecting a happy family on their way.

The Complicated Pregnancy

Jennifer and Keanu were happy and were expecting a child, they both named her Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. This child was already making news before being born and everyone knew she was going to be the most loved child.

On the day of delivery, Jennifer faced some complications. Jennifer unfortunately delivered a still baby and this shattered both Jennifer and Keanu. The details of the complications were not revealed to respect Jennifer and Keanu’s privacy.

Aftermath of Ava’s Death

Ava was born on 24 December 1999 and that broke Keanu and Jennifer’s spirit. They started staying apart after that and in 2000 they finally broke off their relationship and stayed friends. This story went on as wildfire and the entire industry was sympathetic to their loss.

Keanu lost focus on working and took a long break, he never mentioned Ava in any interview but he always talked about her in some other way. His sadness and sorrow often comes out in different mediums but Keanu has a healthy way of coping with all of this, Keanu often makes sizable donations to children’s hospitals and whenever he gets a cheque he always puts one share out for donation.

Jennifer was the one who was hurt the most in this entire ordeal, she already suffered in the delivery and her medication for depression started. In 2001 she met with an unfortunate accident and she took her last breath. Jennifer was only 28 when she passed away and had suffered so much prior to that. She was buried right next to her daughter in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Keanu was left alone after Ava and Jennifer passed away. The couple was looking to get back together but fate had different plans. This left Keanu alone forever and till this day Keanu hasn’t married anyone else.


Ava Archer Syme-Reeves never took a breath for a single moment but still left many disappointed and broken. Keanu does feel the pain every now and then but he doesn’t let his spirit down, he keeps helping people anonymously and never loses hope. In some way, Ava represents our broken dreams and aspirations and the only way to cope from this unfortunate tragedy is to help others with their pain.