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Bailey Jean Cypher is a celebrity kid, known for being the daughter of American filmmaker Julie Cypher and musician Melissa Etheridge. However, her biological father was David Crosby, an American singer-songwriter.

Early Life And Parentage

Bailey Jean Cypher was born on February 10, 1997 in America. She was born to one of the first recognized celebrity lesbian couples, filmmaker Julie Cypher and Musician Melissa Etheridge. Their relationship received significant media coverage during the late 1990s. Bailey’s birth marked a notable moment in the public’s attention towards LGBTQ+ families.

Growing Up in a Musical Background

Bailey Jean Cypher grew up in a musical environment. Her mother Melissa Etheridge is a well-known singer, guitarist, and Grammy-winning artist. Her biological parent David Crosby is also a Veteran Musician. She showcased her own musical talent by playing the piano and guitar, further showcasing the artistic background of her family.

Bailey Jean Cypher’s Education

Bailey Jean attended Columbia University and later graduated in 2019. She joined the prestigious London School Of Economics following her postgraduate education, Masters of Science Program [LSE MSc].

Life Of A Nomad

Having her childhood spent with her mother Melissa Etheridge, Bailey experienced a nomadic lifestyle. Witnessing her mother’s stage performances around the country.

Bailey Jean’s Siblings

Jean Spent her childhood with her five siblings. Three brothers, Django Crosby, James Raymond, and Beckett Cypher and two sisters, Donovan Crosby and Erika Crosby. However, her second sibling Beckett Cypher passed away at the very young age of 21 due to opioid addiction. He died on May 13, 2020.

Bailey Jean Cypher’s Famous Parents

Bailey’s parents Julie Cypher and Melissa Etheridge, were among one of the first notable celebrity lgbtq+ couples. However, soon it was disclosed that her biological father was none other than David Crosby, who was an influential singer-songwriter. Julie Cypher and Melissa Etheridge later divorced in 2000 after their 12-year relationship. Later, Julie got married to her second husband Mathhew Hale in 2004. Bailey’s father David passed away on January 18, 2023.

Why is She Famous?

Bailey Jean Cypher rose to fame due to her celebrity parents, Julie Cypher and Melissa Etherige. Who were also one of the first celebrity lesbian couples of their time. Her father was also a well-known musician.

Net Worth

Bailey Jean Cypher’s estimated net worth is $10 Million.

Interesting Facts About Bailey Jean Cypher

  • Bailey is Melissa’s first Daughter.
  • Bailey’s birth happened through a process of artificial insemination. This method allows individuals and couples to have babies from an assisted reproductive technology.
  • Her two mothers, Melissa and Julie are actively supporting LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. They also appeared in public during the period they were together.
  • Bailey Jean Cypher has taken musical training from parents, showcasing her talent with guitar and pianos.
  • Bailey Jean’s Instagram handle has reached 13K Followers and her reach keeps growing.
  • Jean’s mother Melissa is known for her powerful vocal and dynamic lyricism. She began her career with her self-titled album in 1988.


Bailey is a loving celebrity child of her mothers. Having the musical influence on her, Bailey has explored her talents with guitars and pianos. She has suffered from the death of her brother and biological father. However, her supportive mothers are her pillar.