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Beckett Lansbury, famous as the only child of Ally Sheedy and David Lansbury, has been in the limelight for his gender. Born as Rebecca Lansbury in 1994, she opened up about being transgender, and her parents were supportive of her from the word go.

Ally Sheedy’s child had been open about the issue from the start, and it was easier for Sheedy and her then-husband to support him in achieving his wish. Becket was not straight, and several years later, she started the journey of transitioning to a male.

Becket’s mother has been very supportive of him, and Becket has not been shy about standing up for what he believes in. He is a teacher and activist, and he has been featured in a magazine podcast to speak about Trans kids. During the podcast, Beckett revealed that he started taking transitioning hormones in 2015, and they made the journey easier.

Beckett Lansbury’s Transgender Journey

Beckett recently revealed that becoming transgender was never easier, but the support of the most influential people close to him made the journey easier. He started taking transitioning hormones in 2015.

While in college, he embraced masculine pronouns to make the transition easier, and it resulted to changing her name to Beckett. On the other hand, it was not easier for Beckett’s mother because she had to educate herself on the expectations.

Ally revealed that she was there for her son, but she had to give him the space to become independent at the same time. Ally believes that with transgender, it is essential for people to ask someone for their pronouns.

Who is Ally Sheedy?

Ally Sheedy is a famous actress who has been in the limelight for her support for transgender people. Ally is not transgender, but she has done a great job in supporting her son’s transgender journey.

The actress who featured in Single Drunk Female, talked of the female, and she revealed that the film portrayed her as a mother to a daughter who had returned home after spending time in rehabilitation.

The role depicted Sheedy’s addiction battle and journey in 1989, which she overcame. The actress revealed that she went to rehab for sleeping pills, which she had started taking when she was in a toxic relationship.

Ally Sheedy revealed that the transgender journey in supporting her daughter was scary at first and she feared the entire process. She was not sure about Beckett’s hormones, but with time, she did extensive research to educate herself in transitioning to help when having a conversation with her son.

Beckett Lansbury’s Father

David Lansbury is an actor and the father of Beckett. David welcomed his son with his wife Ally Sheedy when they were married in the 1990s. David has been supportive of his son’s transgender journey, and it is clear that they want Beckett to be what he wishes.

Beckett’s mother has revealed that children can have natural fears, but in the case of Beckett, she is proud of the place he is. The actress gives her son a place to do his things, while she watches from a distance as a proud mother.