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If you are inquisitive in reading crime stories then you might have come across the murder of Belford Rafael Ramirez Garcia. This young university student was found murdered in a parking lot of a fast food business. The murder took place just near to Mayaguez University Campus. He was a student here pursuing accountancy. The record time of this brutal killing had been recorded by The Homicide Division and the Mayaguez prosecutor’s office.

Who was Belford Rafael Ramirez Garcia?

Belford Rafael Ramirez Garcia was a young nineteen-year-old boy who lived in the municipality area of Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo. His neck was severely wounded which led to his instant death. Garcia was the grandson and son of Caborojeno entrepreneurs sharing a similar name, one retired and the other was a doctor by profession.

What led to his murder?

Going by investigation, the gruesome incident happened when Belford was having a meal with one of his close friends (including females) at a fast food restaurant in the Barcelona sector of Mayaguez. At that time, some men were passing lewd compliments to girls.

When he was done with his eating shortly on Sunday before 3:am, Garcia was approached by one of the boys who challenged him to a fight in a business parking lot. And during that time one of the guys took a sharp-edged knife and struck his neck. Leaving him dead on the floor, they took their speedboat and fled the scene. His neck was brutally slashed and due to excess bleeding, he lost his life.

Murderer identified

The video of the murdering Belford Garcia got recorded by Agent Oscar Vargas and Sergeant Joel Gonzalez of the Homicide Unit. It proved easier for Garcia’s friends to identify their friend’s killer. This resulted in the arrest of a suspect on Sunday afternoon.

The identified murderer named Soto Roman was famously known by his nickname ‘Rafy the barber’. He was thirty-three years old and was a resident of the Rio Hondo neighborhood of Mayaguez. The accused is Soto Roman who has been on federal probation for drug trafficking.

He was a barber at Mayaguez shopping center. He was the one who used a sharp-edged razor in slashing Garcia’s neck during a scuffle and made him bleed to death near a fast food business. On finding Soto Roman guilty of the brutal murder of Belford Garcia, charges were filed against him by prosecutor Jose Giraud. He was held for first-degree murder and violation of the Arms Law.

Deep-stricken grief

Losing a son at such a young age is indeed very deep-stricken grief for not only a father but also for a grandfather. Many people offered condolences to the deceased’s paternal grandfather Belford Ramirez on the early demise of his grandson. It was hard for his father Belford Ramirez Montalvo to control his tears.

But somehow he accepted the fact that his loving son is no more with him. He cremated his son at Santa Ana Funeral Home in Cabo Rojo. According to him, one of his friends revealed that his son even told them to admit him to the hospital but it was too late.