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Several personalities have gained proficiency because of their celebrity kids or parents. Likewise, Berkeley Hermes Roberts is one of those who got the eyes of the media because of her celebrity parents. She is the daughter of a famous American rapper named Rick Ross. However, Berkeley Hermes Roberts is too small to do something to catch the eyes of the media. But as she is the daughter of a celebrity, people have to know about her as soon as possible.

So here we are to present all information about Berkeley Hermes Roberts. This article will convey everything about who Berkeley Hermes Roberts is and what she does and much more.

Berkeley Hermes Roberts’ Family

Berkeley Hermes Roberts is the daughter of the famous rap star Rick Ross. He has four children among them Berkeley Hermes Roberts is the cutest one.

Berkeley Hermes Roberts’ Father

William Leonard Roberts II, whose professional name is Rick Ros, is a rapper and record executive. He was born on 28th January 1976 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. However, he was raised in Carol City, Florida. He had completed his graduation from the Miami Carol City Senior High School. Before stepping into the music world, he had worked as a correctional officer but he resigned from that position in June 1997.

Rick Ross’ Career

In 2006 Rick Ross stepped into the music realm with a single named Hustlin. However, this work was appreciated so much by the audience that no one could stop him and his song to make an entry on the U.S. Billboard 200 album chart. Later on, in 2008, Ross came up with his second studio album, named Trilla. Just like the first one, the second album also created massive enthusiasm among the audience.

Some of his extraordinary works are God Forgives, Deeper Than Rap (2009), Black Market (2015), Teflon Don (2010), I Don’t (2012), Mastermind, Hood Billionaire (2014), Rather You Than Me (2017), Port of Miami 2 and so on.

Rick Ross And Controversy

Several controversies have made Rick Ross’ life a bit complicated. In January 2008, he was imprisoned because of marijuana charges with a gun. However, again on 26th March 2011, Ross got the eyes of the law because of possession of marijuana.

Awards Acquired By Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a talented person and has obtained several awards because of his talent and extraordinary works. In 2010 he gained the Men of The Year Award. Apart from this, he has earned several nominations like Best Rap or Sung Collaboration, Best R&B Performance, Best Song Written for Visual Media, Best Rap Album, and So on.

Berkeley Hermes Roberts’ Father’s Net Worth

According to sources, Rick Ross has a net worth of 45 million dollars.

Berkeley Hermes Roberts’ Net Worth

Berkeley Hermes Roberts doesn’t work and is dependent on her guardian. So it is not possible to gain any information about her net worth.


Berkeley Hermes Roberts is the daughter of a famous personality. Hopefully, she will also gain the same kind of success and prosperity just like his father Rick Ross.