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William James O’Reilly Jr., commonly known as Bill O’Reilly, is a former TV host in America. He is also an author and a journalist.

Personal Details

Stage Name: Bill O’Reilly

Full Name: William James O’Reilly Jr.

Gender: Male

Birthday: September 10, 1949

Place of Origin: New Jersey, United States

Age: 71

Height: 6 ft. 3 in.

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male

Status: Divorced

Spouse: None

Profession: Writer, Journalist, Author, Commentator, Presenter, TV Personality, Television producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Historian

Total Net Worth: $90 million

Personal Life

Bill O’Reilly was born on September 10, 1949, at a hospital in Manhattan to parents Winifred Angela O’Reilly and William James Sr. O’Reilly also has a sister named Jane. The O’Reilly family lived in a tiny apartment in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Then, they moved to Levittown, Long Island in 1951. 

O’Reilly joined Marist College in New York. During his time in college, he was a writer for their school’s newspaper. He was also a member of the National Club Football Association. O’Reilly majored in history and was an honor student. 

For his junior year of college, he attended Queen Mary College in London. In 1971, he obtained his bachelor of arts degree in history. 

After graduating from college, O’Reilly moved to Miami and became a teacher. He taught history and English at a high school from 1970 to 1972. In 1973, O’Reilly came back to school and received a master of arts degree in broadcast journalism. 

While he was in University, O’Reilly was a columnist and a reporter for different local newspapers and alternative newsweeklies. 

Lastly, O’Reilly went to Harvard University in 1995 and earned a master of public administration degree a year after. 

O’Reilly was married to a public relations executive named Maureen E. McPhilmy. Both of them met each other in 1992. Then, they got married on November 2, 1996, at St. Brigid Parish of Westbury, New York. The couple has a son named Spencer and a daughter named Madeline.

On April 2, 2010, O’Reilly and McPhilmy got separated. Then, they got divorced on September 1, 2011. 

Court transcripts from the custody trial of O’Reilly with his ex-wife in May 2015 exposed an allegation of domestic violence. After this allegation, the famous TV personality stated via his lawyer that the allegation is not true. He declined to comment more. According to O’Reilly, he simply wants to respect the confidentiality mandated by the court to protect his kids. 

O’Reilly lost a bid for sole custody of his son and daughter in February 2016.


The early TV news career of O’Reilly includes anchoring and reporting positions at WNEP-TV in Pennsylvania. There, O’Reilly reported about the weather and other things. 

Next, O’Reilly’s career moved to WFAA-TV in Dallas, where he was awarded the Dallas Press Club Award for excellence in investigative reporting. 

After that, he moved to Denver where he won a local Emmy Award in KMGH-TV for his skyjacking coverage. 

From 1979 to 1980, O’Reilly worked as a news anchor for WFSB in Connecticut. Soon after, he anchored another local news feature program in New York. 

The CEO and chairman of Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes, hired O’Reilly in October 1996. He was going to anchor his show called “The O’Reilly Report”. However, the name of the show was changed to “The O’Reilly Factor” after John Tantillo (friend and branding expert) remarked upon “The O’Reilly Factor” in any of the stories he told. 

The O’Reilly Factor was regularly the highest-rated show in the United State’s 3 major cable News TV channels. The show also started the trend toward more opinion-oriented prime-time cable news programming. 

Departure from Fox News

According to reports from The New York Times in April 2017, O’Reilly and Fox News had settled 5 lawsuits. These lawsuits involved women who alleged O’Reilly of misconduct. 

Within a week of this report, his show has lost more than 50% of its advertisers. Around 60 companies withdrew their TV ads from The O’Reilly Factor during the growing backlash against the reporter. 

O’Reilly announced on April 11 that he will take a 2-week vacation. According to him, he would return to the show on April 24. Usually, he takes a vacation around Easter. 

Unfortunately, Fox News announced on April 19 that the famous reporter will not return to the network. After leaving the show, the name of the program was changed to “The Factor”. It aired its final episode on April 21. 

Later on, O’Reilly told the media that he regretted not fighting back against his allegations. 

In late October 2017, WME (the literary agency of O’Reilly) stated that they will no longer represent the reporter for deals in the future. UTA (O’Reilly’s talent agency) also stated that they will not renew the contract of the actor. 

Career After the Departure

After leaving Fox News, O’Reilly started a podcast on April 24, 2017. The podcast was called No Spin News. After several months, the famous reporter started streaming a video version of his podcast digitally. 

Ever since his departure, O’Reilly made his first appearance in an interview with Sean Hannity. Then, O’Reilly’s podcast started to air on Newsmax TV in July 2020. 

O’Reilly also made periodical appearances as a guest on other shows, especially on conservative cable TV news channels. 

Bill O’Reilly Total Net Worth

O’Reilly’s personality is what made the reporter a well-known figure during his primetime. Without a doubt, he is a huge influence in the political broadcast landscape today. However, unlike some, he might fall closer to the moderate line. 

As of 2021, the former American TV host, author, and journalist has a net worth of $90 million. The salary of the famous reporter was $25 million per year.