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If you are fond of watching web series, then you must be liking Black Summer, a Canadian drama series created by John and Karl. Season 1 came two years ago on Netflix in April containing eight episodes. The series has been produced by an American Independent film company. 

Let me tell you it is also behind the production behind the popular American action horror TV series Z Nation that aired on Syfy. Hyams and Abram are the main persons behind the writing and direction of Black Summer episodes, especially the added ones. 

The Canadian series shows the separation of a mother from her daughter at the time of Zombie upheaval. Critics gave a modest approval to it. The filming of the series has been shot mostly in locations in Canada. Two years ago, Netflix came up with the new second season having eight episodes. 

Three years ago, Karl, the creator of the Black Summer series once spoke during an event in San-Diego. He said the action-drama show takes place before the upheaval and is very eerie and horrifying. 

Contrary to it, Z Nation displays a different representation of zombie upheaval drama, but it is not the same case with the prequel. According to him, Black Summer is a series concept. It seems as if zombie upheaval has taken place three years ago. 

Show Details

TV series: Black Summer
Genre: Action, drama, & apocalyptic fiction
Created by:  Karl Schaefer & John Hyams
Based on:  Z Nation
Place Of Origin: Canada
Star cast: Jamie King, Justin Chu Cary & Christine Lee
Original language: American
Seasons: 2
Episodes:  20

Black Summer Season 2 release date

Story Plot

Black Summer is set in the same sphere where Z Nation is. The action apocalyptic fiction drama is a must-watch for its dark and gritty theme. The story is based on a mother who gets separated from her daughter at the time of zombie upheaval. 


She does not give up the search for her daughter and goes through an excruciating journey. Being propelled into the conflicting world with some refugees from America, Rose, the mother of a lost daughter, showcases stupendous potential during her struggle for survival, and of course in finding her daughter.

In the first season, many disclosed events can further be looked into in the second season. What seems to be the most important for the viewers to know is whether the daughter has been found by mother Rose or not. Other than her, the concentration is also upon knowing the happenings in people’s life. 

Much is also unsure about the character Lance. Throughout the series, we have noticed that nothing has happened to him, as he is always being shown out of danger. The curiosity also lies regarding the city to know whether it has become a black zone?

The main leading actress who plays the role of Rose in the action drama series also gave a hint regarding the events that would take place in the series’ second season. She said what you would expect will not happen. The sequences in the series will always keep you thinking about the characters’ mindset and their specific objective. 

Brief About ‘Rose’ Actress In Black Summer

The script of the action apocalyptic fiction drama is well crafted by its creators Karl and John. And the actors in the series have made it more appealing to the viewers all because of their portrayal of characters. Let us know some brief facts about the leading actress of Black Summer:

Jaime Rose

She plays the role of the character Rose, a mother who goes through a challenging journey for survival as well as to find her lost daughter. Both mother and daughter get separated from each other during the Zombie upheaval. Jaime is a model and actress from America. She began her career in modeling and also had early exposure to films with the name of Jamie King. 

She got this name from her parents. Jamie tasted success as a model at a very tender age of fourteen during the 90s. She did appear in top fashion magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. 

In the same decade, she switched to the entertainment world and bagged minor roles in films. She acted in blockbuster movies like Pearl Harbor, Star Wars, Sin City, and also in the TV series Hart of Dixie

Becoming A Supermodel

Long ago in 2004, Jamie became the supermodel in an ad campaign of the well-known American cosmetic company, Revlon, along with three other gorgeous beauties, including Hally Berry. The advertisement got displayed in different media forms, be it print, outdoor, digital, or television. 

She was bet on promoting the selling of cosmetic products of the latter brand, because of her star power. Her personality also made her another popular face for Rocawear for the winter collection. 

Exposure To Drugs, Affairs & Marriage

When she was in the profession of modeling, Jamie became addicted to drugs, and also used heroin at a very young age. To come out of it, she went to rehabilitation. She had a relationship with a photographer from the fashion field. But he passed due to kidney failure because of excess use of heroin. Then she came close to an American Rapper Kid Rock, but finally became the wife of Kyle Newman.


Jamie is the recipient of Young Hollywood awards in 2001 for the category of New Stylemaker – Female. She also got nominated for the best actress in DVD exclusive awards. 

Kelsey Flower

He plays the character of Lance in Black Summer. His character shows having no family background and is surviving alone. Other than the latter action-drama show, Kelsey also appeared in With You Always and Amityville Witch Activity. He is also a writer. 

Release Of Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer season 1 came two years ago on Netflix in April with eight episodes. Now, the wait is for the series’ second season with new episodes. Although there is no official declaration of its release, if it does take place, then we can expect its release in 2021. It was supposed to be released in the previous year, but global pandemic COVID-19 played the spoilsport, causing derailment in the release.