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George William Peppard was an American actor. His fame goes down to his children, one of whom is Brad Peppard. Although he didn’t get famous like his father, there are different reasons why people want to know more about him. This post will share some of the insights we have about Brad Peppard while also talking about his father.

Who is Brad Peppard?

Brad is mainly known as the son of the late George Peppard. He was born on April 15, 1964 in Los Angeles. He is the son of George Peppard and Sherry Boucher, his first wife. Brad has two siblings, Christian Peppard and Julie Peppard.

Brad has tried following his father’s career path and works as an American actor and producer. He is also a director, and some of his best works include the A-Team film.

Relationship and Marriage

Although Brad is a secretive person, we know that he is married to Jennifer Tilly. His wife is an actress and a producer. Brad has not shared the date on which he got married. However, we know that his marriage has welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lily. We will keep looking into his marriage life to get more information about him and share it in this post.

Education, Career, and Net Worth

Brad is an educated person. Despite not sharing where his educational background began, we know that he joined the University of Southern California. It was in this institution that he studied film and TV production. Following his graduation, Brad sought a career as a production assistant.

He has co-produced different films and TV shows. Two of his best shows are A-team and The Hunt for Red October. He was also nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2010 for his excellent work as a producer for the A-team film.

Brad has not disclosed what his net worth is. However, he is earning from his career, and although we don’t know what his salary is, he must be earning enough to cater to his family.

Brad Peppard’s Father

Brad is George William Peppard’s son. His father was born on October 1, 1928. His reputation is built on his acting career during his time. George was born in Detroit, and his father was a building constructor and an opera singer.

Sadly, his mother had five miscarriages before George was born. This condition depressed the family and negatively impacted their wealth. His father left the family when George was born to secure a job to help sustain the family.

Talking about his career, George graduated from Dearborn High School. He later enlisted and joined the United States Marine Corps on July 8, 1946. He rose to the rank of corporal. He also studied civil engineering before he later found an interest in acting and pursued it as a career.

George made his stage debut in 1949, and this act opened more opportunities for him. He then went on to create a successful acting career that sustained his needs and his family while also making him famous.