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Various celebrity kids have not been much involved in the glamourous but have gained much recognition because of their parents. However, the credit to make such star kids famous goes to the media and the audience. The audience is engrossed to know about those children and the media became the bridge between the two. Likewise, this time the article will illustrate all about Brittany Shauntee Jackson. She is the daughter of a famous personality from America who has gained attention from the famous musical grip named The Jackson 5.

The upcoming segments of this blog will convey all about Brittany Shauntee Jackson, her personal life, net worth and so on. Additionally, a few paragraphs will also say something about the people who are engaged with her.

Personal Life

Brittany Shauntee Jackson is the daughter of Marlon Jackson and Carol Ann Parker. She was born on 4th September 1978. She is the second born to his parents. Her family consists of her parents and two siblings named Marlon David Jackson, Jr. and Valencia Jackson. Apart from her family, nothing else is known about her education or professional life.

Married Life

On 11th August 2007 Brittany Shauntee Jackson tied a knot with Robert Sanchez after a long-term relationship. However, at present, she is the mother of three children named Phoenix Sanchez, Savanna Bella Sanchez and Summer Blue Sanchez. Currently, she is leading a blissful life with her husband and children.

Brittany Shauntee Jackson

Brittany’s Father And His Net Worth

Marlon David Jackson AKA Marlon Jackson is a well-known entertainer, singer, and dancer from America. However, he got to know him because of the famous Jackson 5. Among the Jacksons, he is the sixth one. He was born on 12th March 1957 in Gary, Indiana, U.S. His parents were Joseph and Katherine Jackson.

In November 1967 The Jackson 5 gained their first-ever work with Gordon Keith for Steeltown Records. Later they gained their single named Big Boy which came out on 31st January 1968 and became a big hit. However, they again worked under the same recording studio named Steeltown Records.

Like the other members of his musical team, Marlon Jackson also started his solo career with the album named Baby Tonight which came out in 1987. Apart from getting great responses from the audience, he doesn’t release any other albums of his own after the first one.

After gaining fame and a successful career Marlon married his love, Carol Ann Parker. He got to know when he was on a tour in New Orleans with his teammates.

Marlon Jackson has a net worth of approximately 100 thousand dollars.

Brittany Shauntee Jackson’s Net Worth

Till now no such news is there about how much Brittany Shauntee Jackson earns in a year. So it is not possible to collect any information about her estimated net worth.


Brittany Shauntee Jackson is a known face for everyone because of his father. However, her father Marlon David Jackson has received this recognition because of The Jackson 5. This musical faction of the Jackson brother provided an individual commendation to each of the team members. Hopefully, the article about Brittany Shauntee Jackson will help the readers to gain a precise idea about her.