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Are you looking to buy spurtle to declutter your kitchen counter? The multifunctional spurtle set is an innovative way to replace heavy utensils and declutter your kitchen counter. Here is a blog to help you understand what spurtle is and how you can buy spurtle?

This review will help our readers understand the product and how it can be used in different ways of cooking. Buy spurtle to meet all your requirements of spreading, stirring, crushing, and turning with just one utensil. The product is currently available for the United States and Canada residents only.

What is Spurtle?

Spurtle is a multifunctional utensil designed to replace bulky kitchen utensils. It has multiple uses in the kitchen, including stirring, spreading, turning, crushing, and beating. Before deciding on whether you should buy spurtle or not, check if the product is legit.

Spurtle is made of best-quality acacia wood and includes natural finger marks for better grip. It is specifically designed to be used for various cooking-related processes like spreading, crushing, flipping, beating, scraping, and more. The tip of the spurtle is angled to fit perfectly on the edges of your tray. Besides, it can also be used for sifting dry ingredients and separating the egg white.

The unique features of spurtle

Spurtle is an innovative, multipurpose product that comes in handy in several ways while allowing you to declutter your kitchen counter. It is very light and is made of antimicrobial material to keep the food healthy and safe.

The spurtle has an elongated design, allowing users to mix salads and other heavy ingredients. Spurtle can be cleaned using warm water and soap. Spurtle can replace several utensils in your kitchen as it serves multiple purposes.


  • Product: Spurtle
  • Material: High-quality acacia wood
  • Design: Jet design with an angled tip and natural finger marks
  • Usage: stir, spread, scrape, flip, crush, fold, mix, separate, tap, stretch, and lift
  • Website:


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash
  • Antimicrobial finish
  • Multipurpose
  • Light-weighted
  • Made of premium quality material
  • Angled tips, making the spurtle compatible with corners and edges of the tray


  • It can only be used with non-stick utensils
  • No customer reviews are available
  • No presence across social media channels

Is Spurtle Legit?

The legitimacy of any product can only be judged through its performance, quality, customer reviews, etc. While the product has been available for purchase only through the official website since August 05, 2020, the trust index of the website is not good. The website is not credible, and the product is also not available on any social media platform. Further, the customer reviews on the website are also not reliable and seem to be manipulative.

Hence, the website and the product both look suspicious, and we would like to suggest to our readers not to buy spurtle as it doesn’t look legitimate.

Buy Spurtle Reviews

While analyzing the website, we realized that spurtle was only available for purchase from the website for a few months, and there were no trustable reviews on the website that can help users understand the quality of the product and services.

Since the website is not credible and the content is not useful, we suggest that our readers do additional research before buying spurtle. However, we do not find the product and the website reliable.

Final verdict

We didn’t find any original customer reviews of the product on the internet. The website also couldn’t provide reliable content and information about the product and the services they offer. We also couldn’t find the company’s social media accounts during our research, making it more suspicious. Hence, we can say the product is a scam, and readers are advised not to buy spurtle.

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