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Caleb James Goddard is an American actor famous as the son of Jack Nicholson, an American retired filmmaker and actor. He was born to the veteran actor in the United States on September 26, 1970. Caleb’s mother is Susan Anspach, an American actress known for appearing in Blume in Love, Blue Monkey, Blood Red, Montenegro, and Play it Again, Sam.

Early Life

Caleb James Goddard was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1970 to Hollywood actors Jack Nicholson and Susan Anspach. He was a result of an affair the two had after meeting while shooting Five Easy Pieces. When Susan’s mother mentioned that she was pregnant, Jack denied responsibility. Due to this, Caleb has an estranged relationship with his father, given that he did not acknowledge him as his son.

Even in interviews, when asked if he was the father of Susan’s son, he denied it. In due time, Jack started drawing closer to his son Caleb, and he even helped with his financial needs. As a child, after his mother married Mark Goddards, Caleb James Goddard took his father’s last name and has never dropped it since. Caleb’s father later acknowledged him as his son; they have been closer than ever.

Educational Background

Caleb James Goddard is educated; he started his education in a local elementary school before proceeding to high school. His mother was secretive about the high school he attended, but Caleb joined Georgetown University for his undergraduate studies after completing his high school education.

Professional Life

Caleb James Goddard seems to have followed his parents’ career paths and entered the acting industry. His parents, especially his mother, were very supportive when he showed an interest in acting. Caleb’s mother encouraged and helped him become a good actor by paying for his training sessions and being there for him.

Caleb started his acting career while doing his high school education; since then, he has appeared in some television shows and films, including The Slap Maxwell Story and Guilty as Charged. Despite being an actor, Caleb has often struggled in the entertainment industry, mainly due to his relationship with Jack Nicholson. Jack is one of the greatest icons in the acting industry, but his son Caleb James has suffered a lot of media backlash, which might have affected him in the acting industry.

Caleb has not appeared in recent television shows and films and might have ventured into something else. In the 1990s, Caleb relocated to New York City to pursue acting fully, but it seems to have not worked out, probably due to his estranged relationship with his father and the media backlash. It is unclear what he does now, but it is likely that Caleb is in the business sector; this way, he can provide for his family.

Is Caleb Married?

Moving on to his personal life, Caleb James Goddard is married, but he has kept these details away from the internet. He has not revealed his wife’s name or the number of children he has.