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Nadya Suleman’s daughter’s name is Calyssa Arielle Solomon. Natalie Denise Suleman is also known as Octomom in the media. Natalie is a media star and became famous when she gave birth to her two children. After one week they celebrated the birthday of their children with their family. Today, the highlight of this article is Calyssa Arielle Solomon, whose family’s total net worth is USD 150k.

What The Article Is All About

The family is famous because the mother Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 children. That is why she is called Octomom. And it’s a surprise that every child is healthy, happy, and surviving pretty well. The California Medical Board was involved in the investigation of the controversy about multiple births and assisted reproductive technology.


Nadya Suleman gave birth to the first 6 children through in vitro fertilization also shortened as IVF. Even though Nadya at first was denying that she used public assistance, she finally acknowledged it on NBC’s show in April 2012. Calyssa’s mother, Nadya was born in Fullerton in California. Her parents have the job of the teacher, restaurant owner, translator, and real estate agent, based in Iraq, Palestine, and America.

Education And Career Of Calyssa’s Mother

Calyssa’s Mother studied at Nogales High School. At that time her name was Natalie Doud. But later she attended Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut. There she started her profession as a technician. It was before she used to go to California college. She earned a BSc. In child development and was an employee of the California state hospital. In 1996, Calyssa and her sibling’s mother were married to Marco Gutierrez.

Divorce Of Calyssa’s Mother

But very sadly, this lovely couple got separated from each other. And it was just 4 years after their marriage. The year was 2000 when her husband Gutierrez filed for divorce in November 2006 and it was finalized in 2008. In 2009 Nadya Suleman found six embryos were found from her previous IVF treatments. She took six out of six embryos to her uterus because she didn’t want to destroy the frozen embryos. But a woman of her age should transfer only 3 embryos to her uterus.

The Embryo Controversy

These Embryos were stored at the facility of Dr. Kamrava very safely. In June 2011, The California medical board started an investigation and found out that Dr. Kamrava transferred 12 embryos which was a deviation from the standard operating procedure. After the same case as Nadya with Dr. Kamrava, the California Medical board sued Dr. Kamrava and revoked his license effectively from 1st July 2011.

Personal Life

Calyssa’s information is not available properly anywhere, that is why any information about her and her siblings is not properly available to mention in this article. The official disclosure of any data about this family is not available as of now except for all of these. So, this information is what’s all about. Calyssa is only a kid right now and is going to school and must be in her secondary standard.


The California Medical Board is not agreeing with Dr. Kamrava and Calyssa’s mother Nadya Suleman, but it is for sure that Nadya Suleman has real guts to stop the embryos from decaying and destroying and give life to them all by herself. This shows that she is a brave woman which is commendable and worth respecting.