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Skeet Ulrich, born Bryan Ray Ulrich is a pretty famous Hollywood actor who has starred in several movies and TV series.  Scream and As Good as It Gets are some of the best movies that have made an impact in Hollywood. He is also set to plat Billy Loomis in the latest reboot of the Scream film series. His role in Riverdale as well as in Law & Order TV series have made him popular among many people of the modern generation.

Skeet Ulrich believes that his mother is one of his biggest supporters and has helped him become who he is. Read on to know more about the life, career, children and more details about Skeet Ulrich’s mother – Carolyn Elaine Wax.

Personal Life

There is very little information regarding the birth place and date of Carolyn Elaine Wax. She was born Carolyn Elaine Rudd to businessman and president of Al Rudd Auto Parts, Alvin Ray Rudd, Sr. There is no information regarding her educational details. However, she had a successful career and owns the American global events marketing agency Sports Management Group. She married three times, and is currently with Edward Lewis Wax.


During her life, Carolyn Elaine Wax married three times. She was first married to a restauranteur, whose name has not been revealed to the public for several reasons. Later, she married NASCAR driver and team owner D.K. Ulrich. Skeet Ulrich highly respects him and considers him his father. In 1990, Carolyn remarried Edward Lewis Wax.

Carolyn Elaine Wax


We do not have much information regarding the career path that Carolyn Wax choose. However, just like her father, she too was a businesswoman, and was the owner of American global special events management and marketing agency Sports Management Group.


Carolyn Elaine Wax had two sons – Geoff Trout and Bryan Ray Trout. Bryan later changed his name to Skeet Ulrich and became a well-known actor. However, there is no information regarding Carolyn Elaine Wax’s elder son, Groff’s career and future plans.


Carolyn Elaine Wax has a younger brother, Richard Lee Rudd, professionally known as Ricky Rudd. He is a professional American race car driver and has the nickname “The Rooster”. He has 23 career wins under his belt on retirement.

Children’s Career

Carolyn Wax’s younger son, Bryan Ray Trout choose acting as his profession, and changed his name to Skeet Ulrich. He has played important movies and TV series like The Newton Boys (1998), The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005), Soul Assassin (2001) and Riverdale (2017-21) among others. He even reprised his role as Billy Loomis in the 2022 version of Scream.

Not much information is available about the career of her elder son, Groff, but we wish that he too is successful and happy in life.

Net Worth

Carolyn Elaine Max’s net worth has not been made public information. However, her son, Skeet Ulrich is worth about $1.2 million, so we can say that she has quite a capable and well to do son. However, there is no information regarding her other son. Her current spouse, Edward Lewis Max used to be the president and chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in New York. So, we can say that he too is highly capable.


Carolyn Elaine Wax has been living quite a successful life. She is the owner of the special events marketing agency, Sports Management group, which specializes in managing publicly owned facilities. It would not be wrong to say that she rules her life her own way.