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On 21st February 2017, Danielle Harris and David Gross were blessed with their first son Carter Davis Gross. Danielle is a popular actress who has been featured in the Halloween film. In an Instagram post, her mother posted Carter’s picture while he had closed his eyes and wrote, “I’m a mommy!”

Suppose you were searching for information about Carter Davis Gross. Then here we will give all the details you are looking for.

Personal Information

Full Name: Carter Davis Gross

Date of Birth: 21st February 2017

Age: 5 years old

Parents: David Gross and Danielle Harris

Sibling: Jagger Maxwell

The Early Life of Carter Davis Gross

Carter was born on 21st February 2017 in the United States of America. He is the son of David Gross and Danielle Harris. Additionally, he has a younger brother Jagger Maxwell who was born in 2018. Carter Davis Gross was 7 lbs. and 10 ounces during his birth.

How Old is Carter Davis Gross?

As of this article’s publication date, Davis Gross is five years old. Carter is the first son of Danielle and David. His brother Jagger Maxwell is four years old.

The Relationship Life of Carter’s Parents

David and Harris got engaged in 2013, and after a year, the couple did a private wedding ceremony in Holualoa, Hawaii, on 4th January 2014. They stayed happy for three years before getting their first son in 2017. Then a second son a year later after the birth of Carter Davis Gross.

Where Does Cater Study?

Though he is young, he is the right age for a school-going child. However, we don’t have information about which school he goes to. His mother went to an elementary school while in Florida.

About Danielle Harris: Mother of Carter Davis Gross

1st June 1977 was when Danielle Harris was born in Plainview, New York. Carter is an actress and film director. Also, she has been in the entertainment scene since 1985 to date. During her early years, she was raised by Fran, her mother.

Before becoming an actress or film producer, she was a model since her young years. Additionally, Harris has a sister called Ashley.

Danielle Harris Stalking Incident

In 1995 Danielle had a stalking incident by an obsessed fan called Christopher Small. Christopher sent Harris letters that had threats of killing her. After some time, Small was detained after taking a shotgun and a teddy bear to Danielle’s home. Furthermore, Christopher came back and started sending Tweets to Harris. In 2009, Danielle was given a restraining order against Christopher Small.

The Career of Carter Davis Gross

Carter Davis is a young child who doesn’t have a career yet. His parents are in the entertainment industry. His mother is an actress and film producer, while his father is a producer. Some notable films by David Gross are Room, Goon, Kin, The Broken Hearts Gallery, and What if.


Carter Davis Gross is the son of David, and Danielle is young, and there is not much information. When we get more details, we will update you.