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Fans of the Santa Clarita Diet were very disappointed when they learned that the season was cancelled by Netflix just after the release of its three seasons, despite the fact that the finale chapter was much loved. Audience who used to watch the chambers was another Netflix show that concluded its first ten episodes with a promising note of its return.

They are still doing the same process to bring the show to an end. The last supernatural horror that comes after Sasha, a teen who underwent a heart transplant after her heart stopped functioning, fortunately, found a willing donor. But, unfortunately, her condition worsened, and she had no other option other than to conduct some investigations that will enable her to save her life.

However, some of the question about the season is, will it ever return on the screens for season two. Leah Rachel, the show’s creator, told Metro that she was putting down season two; however, it was not officially communicated. 

Although Netflix has not signaled any official seal to accept the approval, we can still speculate what might happen next.

Chambers Season Two

Chambers Season Two

Chambers: Release Date of Season 2

The first season was released on Netflix on April 26. Therefore, if season two will premiere, it will be most likely to take place in the early months of next year. However, Netflix usually decides the situation of its movies within a span of one month, so we should wait for the show in mid-May.

Return of Chambers Season 2: Who will Appear on the Season

While there is yet to be announced about the return of the show, some of the characters speculated that they main appear on the upcoming season 2 of chambers season 2, according to the conclusion of season one are; Sasha who is Sivan Alyara Rose, the other character is Elliot known as Nicholas Galitzine, Sashas friend known as Yvonne and also Sasha’s boyfriend will be ventured in and other characters.

Uma Thurman, who acted as Becky and Elliot’s mother, known as Nancy, is still alive, but they are held at the Annex. However, there a many chances that we saw the last part of Thurman. Therefore, it is most likely that we will not meet Julia Roberts for the second season.

Nancy’s husband Mr Ben passed on, though that is not an indication the he could not come back for some flashback  or anything of the sort as per likes of the Annex. Unfortunately, we would not find Becky in the season as Sasha has already eliminated him in her life.

The plot of Season 2

After Sasha tried to eliminate herself on a couple of occasions due to manipulation by the spirit of the heart donor Becky, Sasha mages to outdo the spirit of her donor from her body snd she was able to recover control over her life again. However, this was just a moment of relaxation, as one nice evening, she heard a knock n the door.

The lady opened the do and she was faced by familiar faces including Ruth and Evan from the Annex as well a some members of the town including police officers, this was a shock to Sasha. They demanded Sasha to join them and enable Lilith, Adams’s first wife, to reclaim her body.

As per  Ruth, Sasha was meant to be a vessel, and she had to accomplish her mission. It was found that Sasha had some powers to heal as well as fix. This was demonstrated by the scar left after she went under heart transplant though the scar disappeared immediately.

More About Season Two

Sasha was informed that she could heal Yvonne’s mother, who was desperately in need of recovery. In addition, she was told that she was support to rescue Frank who was under captive. Sasha declined all the requests, and when Evans decided to attack her, she used the powers she had and managed defeat then and made them collapse at once. Two pupils popped in her eyes.

It was clear to Sasha that she had great abilities indeed, but the concern will manage to make use of them, or she will suppress them? Will Annex make its way? Sasha was adamant that she did love joining the organization, and it is impossible that she will change the decision, so it is most likely that she will spend the whole of next season fighting back anyone who tries to attack her.


Finally, Sasha could use her powers and capabilities to bend the steel, blow a hole where Frank was jailed if she will accept to rescue him, and if her powers will allow her to perform such tasks.