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Chapele Wary is the star kid of American rap icon Cheryl Lynn. Cheryl was popular in the late 70s and early 80s. Let’s find out more about this celebrity kid who was famous since his childhood in this celebrity article. Shall we?


Cheryl Renee James also known as Salt (the stage name) is an American lyricist and rapper. She was the part of famous rap band Salt N Pepa. She has given many top-chart songs and albums. She also has won Grammy and other music awards. Her best songs are “Whatta Man”, “Push It”, and “Shoop”. Her marriage to Gavin Wray took place in 2000 on Christmas Eve. The couple has two children a daughter name Corin and a son Chapele. However, the couple is now separated after a long 4 years divorce battle. Cheryl was previously a partner to Hurby Azor from 1984 to 1989 but this relationship did not last long enough as well.

Nevertheless, Chapele’s father Gavin Wray is a music producer and the couple stayed together for 18 long years. However, in 2018 Salt and Gavin divorced after a four-year-long case.

Personal Information and Net Worth

Chapele Wary was born in 1999 October. There is no information about his education. By 2022 he will turn 23 years old. Chapele has American nationality and mixed ethnicity. He follows the Christianity religion. He is the youngest in the family and is loved by everyone.

Gavin Wray has a net worth of over 18 million US dollars and Salt has about 14 million US dollars. From these figures, it is evident that Chapele is the son of a multi-millionaire couple. He enjoys his luxurious life.

Social Media and Controversies

Chapele is 23 years celebrity kid and he is not available on social media. He likes to keep his life private. We tried our best to find him at least on Instagram but could not do so.

Apart from the difficult Divorce of his parents, the family stays away from any sort of controversies. Moreover, Chapele is just 23 years old and he is not that old enough for any controversy. About his relationship, we hardly know anything. Is he dating someone? or does he have a girlfriend? All these questions are unanswered. He keeps his life very private.


Chapele is a fully grown man. He has a brown complexion and black curly hair. His height and body weight is unknown. He enjoys spending time with his family and elder sister. He likes to watch sports and loves basketball and baseball. He is a great rugby fan too. By 2022 Chapele must have completed his education and now must be pursuing postgraduation. His future goals are unknown. However, we wish him all the very best in whatever path he chooses.

We would like to see Chapel as a rapper like his mother or an established businessman like his father. No wonder whatever he chooses to be he will be successful in life.