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Parents feel very happy and pleased when they are known to the entire world because of their children. This is one kind of recognition or remembrance the parents want from people. Likewise, Cheryl McCoy-Gealey is one such mother who is known to the entire world because of her daughter who is a great personality from the glamorous world.

As the title suggests the article will convey everything about Cheryl McCoy-Gealey. Along with her personal information, it will also depict a brief description of her net worth. However, the blog will also provide a few points about the people who are related to her, especially her celebrity daughter.

Personal Life

Cheryl McCoy-Gealey is the mother of the well-known American actress, Grace Byers. During an interview, Grace Byers stated that her childhood days were tough because she had to deal with her deaf parents. As both of her parents were deaf so she couldn’t communicate with her properly but gradually she adapted to sign language for easy communication. As Cheryl McCoy-Gealey got the eyes of the media through her daughter, it wasn’t possible to gather much information about her early life or personal life.

Cheryl’s Daughter And Her Net Worth

Cheryl’s daughter, Grace Gealey AKA Grace Byers was born on 26th July 1984 in Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S. She has spent her initial days of life in the Cayman Islands. However, later on, she moved to the United States, to attend the University of South Florida in Tampa to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts. After completing this one, she went to the University of California, Irvine, to gain a degree of Masters of Fine Arts in acting.

After procuring all her degrees, Grace shifted to New York City and got her first chance to show her talent. She performed in a theatre named  Off-Broadway, along with some other dramas like Venus Flytrap: A Femme Noir Mystery, and Rent. Gealey received the chance to play Anika Calhoun in the Fox musical prime-time drama named Empire in 2014. In this drama, Grace Gealey was cast opposite Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. However, after a few seasons, she left the show. This series has provided a lot of fame and recognition to Grace Gealey. Apart from working in television series, she has also worked in several American movies. In the latter half of his life, she worked in an Indie thriller film named Bent. However, the previous year Grace commenced playing a character in the Amazon comedy series, Harlem as Quinn Joseph.

In 2015 Grace Gealey got engaged to her co-actor from Empire named Trai Byers. After a year on 14th April 2016, she got married to him in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

According to sources Grace has a net worth of approximately 2-5 million dollars.

Cheryl McCoy-Gealey

Cheryl McCoy-Gealey’s Net Worth

As there is no information about what kind of work Cheryl McCoy-Gealey does to earn bread. So it is not possible to find out her net worth at this moment in time.


Hopefully, the above-described paragraphs will be enough for the audience to have a clear idea about Cheryl McCoy-Gealey and her famous daughter Grace Gealey.