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Crazy Rich Asians 2 or “China Rich Girlfriend” is the upcoming movie sequel of the 2018 Crazy Rich Asians.  It is based on the books of Kevin Kwan. When the first movie was released it became a major success. 

The story of Crazy Rich Asians gave us a glimpse of the culture of Asian Aristocrats and filthy rich strata of Singapore. It grossed $240 million US dollars worldwide and received positive reviews. The first movie was a big success which had a major impact in the cinema industry. It was the first Hollywood film where all the cast are Asian and Chinese-American. The performances of the actors were the biggest highlights and received praises because they were incredibly strong in the romantic-comedy film.

The second film will be based on the 2nd book of Kevin Kwan’s trilogy. Just like the first movie, Crazy Rich Asians, it followed the source material. The sequel will be China Rich Girlfriend, with the same title of Kevin Kwan’s book.

Here’s what you need to know so far about Crazy Rich Asians 2.

Crazy Rich Asians 2 Movie cast

In China Rich Girlfriend, we will see the Nick-Rachel duo in major ways. We will also see more about Astrid and her ex-fiance Charlie Wu, as the book deeply revolves around their relationship. As seen in the mid-credits of Crazy Rich Asians, Astrid and Charlie Wu smiled at each other. The search for Rachel’s father continues and she is introduced to the world of billionaires. Rachel reunites with her long lost father who turned out to be a billionaire.

The movie cast of China Rich Girlfriend has yet to be confirmed. Though, we can assume that the sequel will have the original cast from the first movie and also the addition of new characters. So, bear in mind the important characters in the second book.

Constance Wu played the role of Rachel Chu-Young, an American-Chinese Economics professor at New York University who is engaged to Nick Young and then gets married. She recently discovered that she is the daughter of a chinese billionaire.

Henry Golding played the role Nick Young, Rachel’s husband and also a professor of history at New York University. He hails from a rich and powerful family in Singapore.

Michelle Yeoh played the role of Eleonor Sung-Young, Nick Young’s mother. She is the wife of Phillip. In the second book, Eleonor finally approves of Rachel after knowing she’s the daughter of a chinese billionaire.

Gemma Chan played the role of Astrid Leong-Teo, a socialite and fashion icon. She is the cousin of Nick young and her husband is Michael. The second book deeply revolves around her relationship with her ex-fiance Charlie Wu.

Awkwafina played the role of Goh Peik Lin, she is the best friend of Rachel. She is also rich and her family owns the Near West Organization, a property development and construction company.

Tac Khen Hua played the role of Kerry Chu, Rachel’s mother. Kerry moved to the states where she raised Rachel alone. She once had a romantic relationship with Rachel’s dad, Bao Gaoliang.

Harry Shum Jr. who briefly played as Charlie in the mid-credits scene in the first movie, Crazy Rich Asians, is to be cast playing the role Charlie Wu in the sequel. Charlie Wu is the ex-fiance of Astrid Leong-Teo.

We may see other original actors from the first movie such as Ronny Chieng who played Nick and Astrid’s cousin Eddie Cheng. Eddie Cheng in the second book, China Rich Girlfriend, is the one who discovers Eleonor’s secret bank account.

Michael Teo, the insecure husband of Astrid who got successful and turned into a mean and terrible man; and other original actors. 

We may expect new actors in the sequel to play the roles of Bao Gaoling who is Rachel’s biological father; Bao Shaoyen who is Gaoling’s wife and Carlton’s mother; Carlton Bao who is the half-brother of Rachel; Collete Bing who is the daughter a multi-billionaire; Mrs. Bing, the germaphobic mother of Collete; Richie Yang, one of Collete’s suitors; Jack Bing who is Collete’s father, and Roxanne Ma, Collete’s personal assistant.

The book of Kevin Kwan, China Rich Girlfriend, has received positive reviews. It is safe to say that we are going to expect a delicious movie sequel.

Crazy Rich Asians 2 Release Date

The release date of the 2nd movie has yet to be confirmed as filming hasn’t started yet. As the core cast has still other commitments and the director is busy with his upcoming movie. Schedule is tentative but there’s a good chance the movie will be released sometime this year 2021.

Things to know about Crazy Rich Asian 2

In August of 2018, the planning was still in pre-production because the main actors for the movie are still busy with other projects up to 2020.

The sequel will follow the book of Kevin Kwan entitled “China Rich Girlfriend”. The first movie also followed the author’s first book “Crazy Rich Asians”, first of the trilogy. The third novel is entitled “Rich People Problems”. Once the filming starts for the China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, the two films will be shot back to back. The reason for the movie being shot back to back is to avoid further conflict of schedules.

Jon M. Chu who directed the first movie Crazy Rich Asians will be back to direct China Rich Girlfriend. He is also going to direct the Rich People Problems which is the 3rd part of the trilogy.

One of the issues China Rich Girlfriend stumbled upon is the departure of one of the writers, Adele Lim. Adele Lim left because of the huge pay gap between her and Peter Chiarelli, another writer. Warner Brothers had offered Adele Lim 1/8th of Peter Chiarelli’s fee. For five months, the salary was then negotiated closer to her co-write because Peter Chiarelli offered to split his salary with Adele Lim but she refused.