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Have you ever come across a website offering free in-game currency, Robux? is known to do just that. If you’ve ever played Roblox, then you would know how expensive that currency is and what magic it can do in the game for you. People love finding a short way out of this problem by using free in-game currency generators.

Why stress over something so little if you’re here with the same problem? has come up with free promo codes to generate the Robux currency.

So many questions might have arisen in your mind “What is this website or what does it do, or is it safe” but you do not have to worry.

Continue reading below to find each question of yours answered in no time!

What Are Codes About? codes is a website claiming to offer you free currency called Robux. They have promised free promo codes to help you generate the currency without having to pay for anything. It simply is disguised as a domain that later directs you to It lets you fulfill a few tasks before you’re eligible to generate the game’s currency.

But of course, some doubts still make it harder to believe that the website will actually be able to add that free money into your original account of Roblox. They’ve proposed to provide the highest rate of money, which you can confirm by actually using the promo codes to get the free currency.

What Codes Does Damonbux.Com Have?

After researching and assessing the website, no original or authentic code was found to get you free in-game currency. This does not prove the website is legit or not, and you will only get to know about this after you successfully complete all of’s required tasks.

It is recommended not to allow the website any access it asks you to provide unless you’re sure the website is safe and protected.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Every website or anything else has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before you incorporate yourself with it. Ensure your satisfaction with all the pros and cons about mentioned below before you visit the actual website.


  • If you visit the website, they hold the policy of compensation and acceptable return, which gives you the surety of no money being used.
  • The website is also secured with an HTTPS connection.
  • The email server mentioned on their website is also verified.


  • The most prominent bad feature about this website is that its interface relates to fake websites.
  • No authentic reviews were available.
  • com also has limited promo codes and other things.
  • Offers equal prices for every set of codes.
  • Broken links were also detected on the website.

Features of Codes

Just like every other website out there, it also has some unique features that are sure to arouse your interest.

  • One of the best features that the players loved was that it had excessive payoffs to offer.
  • It can offer unlimited Robux and has absolutely no limit for withdrawing any amount of currency you’d like.
  • It lessens the risks of your privacy being invaded as it requires no password to any account.
  • com offers free promo codes for you to generate your free in-game currency.
  • You can easily create Robux through com codes.

How To Properly Use Those Features? codes are generated by the website through the promo codes you already have. If you have none, then you can simply originate the promo code through the website’s generator.

Following are the steps you have to follow in order to win free in-game currency through codes.

  • Go to the website com and don’t worry about being redirected to since the real processes are done there.
  • It will then ask for either your Roblox ID or your account name.
  • After that, it will let you complete a few tasks like downloading a video, playing a game, or even answering quizzes, for instance.
  • Once you successfully fulfill all their tasks, you will be able to get free Robux and get it added to your account for in-game purchases.

Those steps are supposed to be followed, and get your free Robux through only till you have new promo codes.

The Legitimacy of Codes

Now, the legit question is if codes are safe or not. The codes aren’t really a threat to anyone, but if the website is legit or not, there isn’t a surety about that. After visiting the website, you’ll find many flaws that might make you hesitate before trusting codes.

The website was first launched in March 2021. It is neither connected to the original game, Roblox nor is it free of suspicious activities. The video reviews about codes prove its trust score being 10/100, which lets every user think twice before using it.

Public Reviews About It

Even though the website owns a five-star rating, it does not prove why the review part is vacant. Everyone relies on public reviews these days when it comes to trusting a new website, new product, or anything else that they’re not familiar with. Since there are none, the website might be categorized as suspicious.

Should You Go For Codes?

After learning everything about codes, you will know how to make the right decision. So, before you opt-in for this website, ensure that you are aware of its reviews, features, pros and cons and if it’s legit or not.

Though it should be definitely up to you still, before clicking on the website and doing any task, assigns you; you should contemplate the thought and make the right decision.


Every Roblox player is aware of the struggle they have to go through just for some in-game purchases, which costs real money. So, before utilizing codes, make sure you trust their service and are sure of their authenticity.