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If reality shows excite you more than the usual drama, action, and sci-fi television series then Dance Moms should be on your favorite TV list. This television reality show made its debut streaming in 2011 on 13th July. The credit behind the creation of Dance Moms goes to an American television production company. 

The concept of the show is based upon the brushing up of kids’ careers in dancing and show business with training through this show. In this dance reality show, children get tutored by the dance expert, Abby Miller as well as the communication between the dancers and their quarrelsome mothers. The show is set in California at the dance company of Abby Miller. Girls here take dance training at a Junior competition team to compete in dance competitions taking place around the country. 

Till now eight seasons of Dance Moms had already taken place. Where season 7 streamed for two years (2016 – 2017) from November to October, the eighth season aired in the year 2019 from June to August. And now viewers are waiting for the new season 9. But will it be taking place or not, let us know from this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Dance Moms
Genre: Reality show
Theme music composer: We3Kings
Opening theme: Living on the dance floor by Nikko Lowe
Place Of Origin: United States
Original release: 13th July 2011
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 8
Number of episodes: 224 (with 10 specials)

Dance Moms Season 9 Release Date

Show Concept

The show is set up in California. In this show, junior participants are aging from six to sixteen. They take the tour to several competitions for dance weekly. Those who perform well become recipients of awards and start training to reach Nationals. With that, they are also trained by professional dance tutor Abby Miller.

The reality dance show also emphasizes the mothers of girl children. They are also part of the Dance Moms. Just like every reality show where it shows rivalry and heated arguments, the same can be expected here. In this show, you will see the bickering attitude of mothers towards the dance professional Abby Miller. 

If we go by the competitive structure then the conceptualization is all done by Abby along with people in production as well as instructors. Although the onus of choreography is bestowed upon Abby herself, still, when in need she takes help from her staff and other choreographers (guest). Since Dance Moms is a competitive reality show, it shows the tough face-off between the rival teams striving to climb at the top level.

When it comes to success, then Dance Moms did live up to it. And it is all because of its emphasis upon the realistic drama and argument between the dance choreographer Abby with the mothers of their participant daughters on the show. Other factors that make this reality television show worth watching are close connectivity with the students, the modifications in their performances, and as usual the weekly tiffs. 

Abby The Strict Dance Coach

Now we all had our experiences with teachers in our schools. Some were of a lighter mood, but some were stricter. Abby falls into the latter category. Yes, she is a very strict dance teacher. But her strictness cannot be taken in demoralizing the spirit of her students but to intrigue them to perform better. 

Her motive of imparting strict coaching is to make her girl students hone their dance skills with sheer hard work and inculcating a competitive attitude in them. Every week, she displays the hierarchical structure with girls’ headshots. There she spots the errors, angles, presentation plus conduct of every dance participant. 

The last eighth season of Dance Moms begins with a special episode for one hour. It all featured the struggling phase of the dance choreographer Abby Miller, especially when she suffered from a disease of lymphoma three years ago. Abby got herself treated with chemotherapy and attempted to make the best use of her legs once more. 

With more than one session of her physical therapy, the eighth season concluded with the team of ALDC moving to Nationals in NYC, with 3 single championships to attain National honor. Now viewers who had been watching the Dance Moms reality show from the beginning must be expecting the ninth season to air soon on their screens. And now they all are aware of the health condition of professional dancer Abbey Miller. 

Talented Dancers Who Got Trained Under The Strict Coaching Of Abby Miller

In the last season (8th) it featured a newbie batch of young and excellent dancers who got trained under the strict coaching of Abby Miller. One such participant was Kamryn. She was merely eight years old. Kamryn had expertise in different styles of dancing of the contemporary time. She was also well-acquainted with jazz. In 2018, Kamryn was given a prestigious honor for her stupendous dance prowess.

Coming on to the next is Lilliana. She was the only one who appeared once again as an ALDC member. She bestowed 3 different talents including dancing, acting, and modeling. Lilliana appeared earlier in the sixth season when she was in the mini team of ALDC. Moving on to another is Pressley aging twelve. She has perfection in dance styles like Hip Hop and ballet. One more dance talent of hers include lyrical. 

Pressley had been part of the Justin Bieber musical tour as a back dancer. Besides being a model, she is also the recipient of honorary accolades for her dancing talent. The next two talented dancers include the award-winning ballet dancer Sarah and Savannah who also has expertise in different dance forms including lyrical and ballet. 

Release of 9th Season of Dance Moms: Will It Be Happening Or Cancelled?

The eighth season of Dance Moms came two years ago on 4th June after the end of the seventh season. The ninth season of the latter reality dance show was supposed to air by 2020 but that did not happen. There is no 100% confirmation declared by its creators regarding when it is going to air. There has been a report about its cancellation following a racist remark.