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To many of us, video games have been the sole resort to help us get through the lockdown and keep our sanity managed. If you’re a fan of video games and look for the ones with stories rather than just senseless blazing of guns, you might consider getting your hands on the Darkest Dungeons. 

Developed by the Red Hook Studios, the Darkest Dungeons is a role play game that follows a basic plot. Not one of its kind but the most popular of its kind, this video game has taken the gaming world by storm. From kids to adults, the game has a massive fanbase and has left no age group untouched with its charm. Roleplay games, especially the single-player ones, have never been as popular as this one.

Game Details: 

Video game: Darkest Dungeons season 2
Genre: Role-playing, dungeon crawl
Published by:  Red Hook Studios

Merge Games


Developed by: Red Hook Studios
Directed by: Chris Bourassa
Producers Tyler Sigman
Programmer: Keir Miron

Pierre Tardif

Kelvin McDowell

Original language: English

Darkest Dungeons season 2 Release Date

More about the game:

Darkest Dungeons, a role-playing video game, was developed by Red Hook Studios. Published by Red Hook Studios, Merge Games Degica (in Japan), the video game was directed by Chris Bourassa. It was produced by and designed by Tyler Sigman. The programmers involved in its programming were Keir Miron, Pierre Tardif, and Kelvin McDowell. The artists involved in the game were Chris Bourassa and Brooks Gordon. Stuart Chatwood gave its background score and the platforms on which it is available are Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. 

Its release date has varied across different platforms. On Microsoft Windows and OS X, it was released on January 19, 2016. On Linux, it was released on April 26, 2016. On PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, it was released on September 27, 2016. On the iOS software, it was released on August 24, 2017. On Nintendo Switch, it was released on January 18, 2018, and on Xbox One, it was released on February 28, 2018. 

It belongs to the genres of Role-playing and dungeon crawl and is a single-player game. Many have compared it to obsolete games like Super Mario and its different versions, but this one has proved how evolved it is, in terms of its plot and graphics.


Being the sequel of the first Volume of the game, The plot of Darkest Dungeon II is expected to be a follow-up of the first volume. As the game starts, it is brought to the player’s knowledge that he/she has inherited land from their ancestor who is responsible for releasing some wickedly monstrous creatures and corruptions into the world while fulfilling his uncertain ambition through clearing the dungeons and catacombs beneath his house.

 As the owner of the land, the responsibility of clearing all the dungeons and expelling the monsters is bestowed upon the player’s shoulders. He / She must recruit a roster of hunters and host expeditions to clear the land and its wicked residents. After finishing the profile setup and going through the controls and instructions, the game truly starts giving the player the task of choosing his 4 heroes who will be his comrades in the dungeon. 

All the combats inside the dungeon are played turn by turn. The Player has to constantly maintain his affliction system that indicates its stress levels and resolves. The Game requires good control over in-game combat and sheer intellect to get past the dungeons.

The story behind its development:

Chris Bourassa, the director of the game, and Tyler Sigman, the designer of the game, were good friends and had known each other for a long time, ever since they had worked together at Backbone Entertainment. They once thought what a great idea it would be if they collaborated over a game. 

However, they were both occupied with their professional commitments and couldn’t take the idea forward. Finally, in 2013, they realized that it was time they revived their idea and developed a game together. They formed the Red Hook Studios and came together with a team of six people. They started by developing the plot of the game and then worked on its characters and graphics.

Reception of the game:

Finally in 2016, after almost three years of hard work by the team, the game was released before the world. The initial responses were quite overwhelming and it was marked 84 out of 100 by Metacritic. It scored four out of five on the scorecard of The Escapist. 

Talking about the game, they asserted that Darkest Dungeon is the life of a party. It can get everyone’s eyeballs glued to the screen. The more you play, the more it becomes irresistible and you get drawn hypnotized, to play another quest. The PC Gamer called it a very well-designed game that is great fun to play and a stress buster too.

When will Darkest Dungeons season 2 be released?

The makers of the game, announced in February 2019, that its sequel shall be released. It was announced by the team that the sequel of the game shall incorporate a better functioning and an upgraded version of the core combat system that will improve its graphics and therefore provide the players with a better gaming experience. The team is working on the plot of the game and might also add some more evil characters to it, to make it more interesting. 

They have realized that after the massive success of the prequel, the sequel needs to be developed even better since this time, the expectations are quite high and therefore, they have expanded their team of 5 members to 14 members. The composer and narrator of the game,  Stuart Chatwood and Wayne June respectively, continue to work for its sequel. It is being expected that everything remains good, the sequel might be launched in 2021.