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Delta Bell Shepard is the daughter of American actor and comedian Dax Shepard. Her mother is Kristen Bell, an American actress known for her appearance in Gracie’s Choice, for which she received much praise. Delta was born in December 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents do not shy away from the fact that they never wanted a second child.

Reasons Why Delta’s Parents Wanted a Second Child

In an interview, Delta’s parents revealed that they never wanted a second child, but a few things prompted them to reconsider their decision. They mentioned that having a kid is not an easy task, so they never wanted to go through the same for a second time. However, they gave two reasons for going for a second child.

The first reason Delta’s parents mentioned was that they travel a lot, so their older daughter Lincoln should have someone she could spend time with while they are away. Delta’s parents said that most of the events they attended were all about adults, and it was not fair for Lincoln not to have a playmate.

The second reason mentioned by Delta’s parents was that they felt Lincoln should learn how to compromise, which could only happen if there was another child. Delta’s father felt that if his older daughter lived with someone else, she would learn how to deal with people, which would probably make her a better person.

Relationship with Her Older Sister

Delta Bell Shepard has a great relationship with her older sister, Lincoln; the two have a short age gap, which has played a significant role in their bond. Given that Delta and her sister spend a lot of time together, they have come to love each other and often gang against their parents. If their father is not pleasant to one of them, the other will go and complain on behalf of the other.

Her Parents’s Parenting

Delta’s parents have been strict towards her and her older siblings. For instance, they have not been given phones yet and cannot play video games at home. They can do this somewhere else but not at home. Delta’s parents have been trying to be tough on her as they try to make her a better human being.

Her Parents

Delta’s parents met in 2007; they had seen each other in various films, which was a chance for them to be acquitted. After exchanging their contact details, they started going out on dates, but it took them three years to make their relationship public. They were to get married early, but then they delayed their union until the state of California legalized same-sex marriage.

Delta’s parents finally tied the knot in 2013 after dating for six years. Dax and Kristen have been together ever since, and they seem to be a great power couple. Their relationship has lasted over 16 years, and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Delta and Lincoln. It is a couple to be admired; they have had their fair share of challenges but are devoted to each other.