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Celebrity kid, Donte Randall Jackson is the son of Jermaine Jackson and his ex-wife Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza. He labels himself as an artist on Instagram with his very unique description of himself, “cyborg dinosaur from future” and an “Astronaut of Inner Space”. Ditching the fields of his parents, this celebrity kid prides himself on being a painter, poet, writer, and part-time philosopher. He is known for creating the world of “Herbie Vore the Dinosaur”.


Born on June 13, 1992, in the United States, Donte Jackson is part of the Jackson Family. Research through entertainment news makes it kind of clear that this celebrity kid is adopted. The family tree is a bit complicated and lineages are hard to determine, yet some sources mention that he was adopted When Donte was two years old, his birth mother granted Joe and Katherine full custody of him, and they brought him to the Jackson Estate, later his custody went over to Alejandra Oaziaza. The details of his biological mother are hard to be found. He also has four siblings, who were born to three separate moms.

Donte’s father Jermaine Jackson, is Michael Jackson’s brother and founder of their family band Jackson 5. He was the co-leader singer of the band with his brother. Jermaine Jackson has three wives, which renders Donte with one adoptive mother, two stepmothers, and four half-siblings.

Donte’s adoptive mother, Alejandra Oaziaza is the second wife of his father. A single mother of five adults, Donte’s mother has quite a messy relationship with the Jackson family. Jaafar and Jermajesty, Donte’s two half-siblings, from her marriage with Jermaine Jackson. Alejandra’s children, Genevieve and Randy Jr. are from her relationship with Randy Jackson, Jeremiah’s brother. Currently, they all reside together at a house outside the Jackson Compound. It is often rumored that he could be Michael Jackson’s illegitimate son from a Vegas affair.


Donte Randall Jackson used to perform under the stage name of Dontillious. He takes his career off-track from his much popular lineage and has his own YouTube channel where he shares his love for cartoons and video games, discussing with toy collectors, Pokémon trainers, and others sharing his interests. He excels in character designing and story development, which is visible from his popular creation of the Herbie Vore the Dinosaur world as aforementioned. He is a creator of comic books, and movie scripts and also blogs on a page where he shares his different views on life being an ardent philosopher as mentioned before. His artistic adventures result from being a substantial reader of the metaphysical.

Donte Randall Jackson

Private Life

Most of his private life remains unknown as Donte is not a fan of the limelight that comes with being a celebrity kid. Life for Donte from everything that is known about him seems to be quite a dramatic emotional roller-coaster. After moving to the Jackson Estate, he was soon adopted by Jermaine and Alejandra, who loved the boy dearly. Therefore, it was tough for him when they got divorced 13 years later after raising him lovingly. It can be observed that Donte is quiet, and reflective, and prefers to wait until he is certain of his surroundings before speaking.

Donte Randall Jackson

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at 5 million dollars.

A Philosophic Star-kid

The media and the entertainment vultures do not report a very positive family background of Donte Randall Jackson, but on the contrary, it seems the 30-year-old star has made a different and quite unique name from himself. Much is yet to be known about his life and one could stay tuned to the Living With The Jackson series for more updates on his life.