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The beautiful looking sweet and pretty girl, named Dream Sarae Lumpkin by her beloved parents is now a teenage girl who is kind of famous because the light of fame also falls upon her from her famous and well-renowned father, who is an American singer from the Hollywood industry, is known as Ginuwine. Many of you must have heard of this name and many of you must know him. He piloted his career in the 1990s and started gaining success as a solo artist.

Personal Life

Elgin Baylor Lumpkin is the real name of Ginuwine which very few know about but for his work, this Ginuwine name is already enough for his fans. Ginuwine has released multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums, and not only that but also singles. Dream Sarae Lumpkin, her daughter loves the fact about her father that her father Ginuwine became the top artist of R and B. For your kind information, this was within the 1990s and early 2000s. His 1st 4 albums made him rich.

Early Life

So, now coming to the birth part of Ms. Dream Sarae Lumpkin, her father and her mother gave birth to her on a beautiful day. This day was the 1st day of the month of November and the birth year was 2002 which is not very much ago. That means that Dream Sarae Lumpkin is now a young girl who might just finish high school and is 20 years old today. And of course, the birthplace was America. Her mother Sole, is a rapper from Kansas City, Missouri.


When talking about the story, how her parents met each other, there is an interesting one. But although her parents were divorced, the initial story was pretty good enough to explain. Elgin Baylor Lumpkin met Tonya M. Johnston, who is popular as a Sole rapper to the public. These two men and women were very cosy among themselves. And they began dating in October 1999. But very sadly as quicker their relationship started it ended faster likewise.


But before all of that ending phase and the birth of Dream Sarae Lumpkin, the highlight of this article, Ms. Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s elder sibling was born. The couple named their first girl child and they named her Asaundara Lumpkin. And the birthdate of Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s elder sister sibling was on the 29th day of March in the year 2002. That makes Dream Sarae Lumpkin Only 1 year younger than her elder sister Asaundara Lumpkin.

Parents’ Marriage

After the birth of their 2 beautiful daughters, Elgin Baylor Lumpkin and Tonya M. Johnston married on September 8, 2003 and started living in Maryland. The parents of Ms. Asaundara Lumpkin and Ms. Dream Sarae Lumpkin were together for almost more than about 10 years. And in the month of November, they realized they have grown apart in different directions and finally signed their divorce papers in the year 2014 and after one year their divorce was finalized.


However, the step-siblings of Dream Sarae Lumpkin are Ramonda, Tiffany, Tahjair, Elgin Jr. Dejan, and Cypress. These children came from Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s parents’ previous relationships. Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s father Elgin Baylor Lumpkin is married 3 times and her mother, Tonya M. Johnston married 2 times including her father Elgin Baylor Lumpkin. That means Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s father Elgin Baylor Lumpkin has a total number of 9 children.