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After the end of the first season of Drifters, every fan of this Japanese anime was eagerly waiting for the second season. Immediately after the conclusion of the first season, the producers announced the renewal for a second season. But that has been almost five years since the statement. So, is its release date any soon?

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About Drifters

Kouta Hirano is the writer of this adventure and dark fantasy Japanese manga. Before its Tv series production, this manga was published on Shonen Gaho, a Japanese magazine by Shonen Gahosha. Its publication on the magazine had six volumes and began on 30th April 2009 to date.

Later in 2016, the directors and producers decided to produce a television series. The first season premiered on 7th October 2016, and the last episode of season one was on 23rd December 2016.

When the season concluded, the director and producers announced a renewal of the series for season two. But it hasn’t been released to date. The first season has twelve episodes and three original video animations.

This anime Tv series’s director and producers are Kenichi Suzuki, Yasuyuki Ueda, and Yoshiyuki Fudetani.

The original Tv networks you can watch this animation include;

  • Tokyo MX
  • GYT
  • KBS
  • MBC
  • GBS

You can watch the English version of Drifters on Universal Pictures UK, Universal Home Pictures or Sony (Australia), and Funimation (North America).

Release Date of Drifters Season Two

Drifters Updates


It is now the fifth year since the last episode of season one and the renewal of season two. But season two hasn’t been released. What might be the cause?

The issue might be a lack of enough content to produce the second season. But after the release of volume six of the manga, I think season two is close to release.

Many fans were waiting for the series to premiere in 2020, but that wasn’t possible due to the pandemic. But as 2021 begins, we hope that the release date will be mid or late this year.

From my perspective, I think its release date will be in October. The reason for my assumption is because the first season was released in October. And most Tv series and movies prefer having a typical release month.

Let’s wait as that’s not official. If we get any new updates about Drifter’s release date, we will update this article, and you will be the first to know.

The Plot

The storyline of this anime is based on the battle of Sekigahara, which took place on 21st October 1600. Shimazu Toyohisa badly injures Li Naomasa, a general and one of the four Tokugawa guardians. In the war, Shimazu is also wounded and escapes the battlefield with nasty wounds while bleeding.

As he goes off the battle, he is taken through a corridor of doors and meets a spectacled man. It was Murasaki who transports Shimazu using the closest door, which takes him to another universe.

On waking up in the other world, Toyohisa finds other great warriors in the world. In that new world, they are known as Drifters.

There are different beings in the new universe, such as humans, hobbits, dwarves, and elves. The world experiences a new war between Drifters against Ends. The Ends are after Drifters and want to kill them.

The Ends had the workforce and dangerous creatures like dragons and giants fighting in the battle. At the beginning of anime, the Ends control the Northern continent of their universe and look forward to taking over the south.

They planned on taking over the south through a pivotal fortress in the northern Carneades. But during their attempt, Octobrist “magicians” made enough attempts to bring in more Drifter to fight the vicious Ends.

Possible Scenarios in Season 2

I know you must be wondering what will happen in season two.

But we expect that season two continues from where it left from the last episode of season one.

We saw Drifters killing the Ends and grouping themselves to take over the city during the last episode. This is after orders from Hijikata, their Ends leader. The main intention of Hijikata’s men is to occupy the Orte capitol buildings.

The Ends were destroying the city. As they did that, Toyohisa and Hijikata bump into each other and start fighting. Hijikata uses Shinsengumi’s dead pictures to attack Shimazu. Toyohisa is badly injured by Hijikata but due to Hannibal and Nobunaga’s idea of trapping the Ends.

The Black King tells Hijikata to halt fighting Shimazu and go back to their territory. After returning to the North of Carneades, Rasputin seeks forgiveness from the Black King after not capturing Orte.

The king says it is okay and is happy that they were able to cripple the Drifters.

So, in the next season, we expect another fight between Drifters and Ends.

Wrap Up

Shimazu Toyohisa, Nobunaga Oda, and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu are some of the main characters in this anime Tv series.

This all the news we had for you today about Drifter. If we get any updates on the release date and trailer, we will update you right away.

Thank you for reading.