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Elvira Alethia was the mother of American actor, producer, screenwriter, and comedian Marlon Wayans. She was born on July 23, 1938, in the United States. Little is known about her early childhood or even her parents and siblings, but she was a great mother to her children. It was such a loss to her children, especially her son Marlon, when she passed away in 2020.

Personal Details

When Elvira Alethia came of age, she met a man named Howell Wayans, who she liked, and they soon started dating. It is unclear how they met, but they were together for a long time. Elvira met in the late 1960s, upon which they decided to walk the rest of their lives together. Elvira and her husband were blessed with 10 children together; most of them have done quite well in the entertainment industry.

For instance, her two sons, Shawn and Marlon, appeared together in the sitcom The Wayans Boys. Her other children have also enjoyed much success in the entertainment industry, and hopefully, they will continue making a significant impact. Little is known about her marriage with Howell, but they were together most of their lives.

Professional Life

Elvira Alethia’s first work was being a mother to her ten children; this was not an easy task, and it demanded a lot from her; as such, she mostly stayed home to fulfill her motherly duties. Her husband worked as a supermarket manager, and whatever earnings she got helped the family financially.

Besides her motherly and wifely duties, Elvira Alethia worked as a social worker within a community. She was committed to making a positive impact in people’s lives and through her work, she achieved this.

Her Death

Elvira Alethia died in 2020, but then her family never mentioned the cause of her death. However, it was such a significant loss to her family, and her son Marlon would not hide the pain he was going through after he shared the news of the tragic passing of his mother. In his Instagram post, Marlon mentioned that his heart was broken into a thousand pieces, and it was sad that he had lost his mom.

At the time of her death, Elvira Alethia was 81 years old, and it was likely that she died as a result of an illness she had been battling for a while.

Her Son Marlon

Elvira’s son has been doing well in the entertainment industry since venturing into it in the 1980s. He started his acting career in high school, but his early success did not deter him from continuing his studies. After high school, Marlon joined Howard University but couldn’t complete his school due to his demanding career.

He dropped out of college to focus on his acting career, and has tremendously impacted the entertainment industry. In 1995, he started appearing in the American comedy series The Wayans Boys with his brother Shawn Wayans. His other credits include Don’t Be a Menace, Dance Flick, Little Man, and White Chicks.