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Common people love to acquire information about their beloved celebrities. However, some people are also there two have has gained recognition just being the wife or the sister of the famous ones. Emily Besselink is one of them. She is known to every single person in this world because of his famous husband named Jackie Jackson.

As the title of the article suggests the upcoming segments of it will convey all about Emily Besselink. However, the blog will also provide a brief description of the people who are engaged with this young lady.

Personal Life

Emily Besselink earned recognition because of her famous husband Jackie Jackson. She is his third wife of him. However, the couple has a huge age difference but their love is the main string that had tied them up since they got married. Jackie Jackson and Emily Besselink, in 2012. Both of them have tried a lot to keep their relationship secret but because of the media, they couldn’t do so. Within a year of their marriage, Emily Besselink gave birth to their twin sons on 31st December 2013 named Jaylen and River Jackson.

However, it’s not possible to gather anything about Emily Besselink’s early life as the media got their eyes on her after she got married to Jackie Jackson.

Besselink’s Husband And His Net Worth

Sigmund Esco Jackson AKA Jackie Jackson is an amazing singer and songwriter from America. However, he is so much well-known as the founder of The Jackson 5. It is a pop band because of which in 1997 Jackson established the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jackson was born on 4th May 1951 in Gary, Indiana, U.S. Before starting up his career in the singing and songwriting genre Jackson wished to pursue his career as a baseball player.

However, Jackson got the essence of singing from his father, Joseph who had founded the Jackson Brothers singing group. Among all his brothers Jackson had the most melodious voice which can hypnotise anyone within a fraction of sections. Jackson and his entire team gained recognition as The Jackson 5 with the hits “I Want You Back” and “ABC”. Moreover, the turning point of The Jackson Brothers to The Jackson 5 made Jackie Jackson more responsible for his singing and writing. Some notable compositions of Jackie Jackson are Can You Feel It, Victory, Torture and so on.

Before getting married to Emily Besselink, Jackie Jackson married two other women. At first, he tied a knot with Enid Arden Spann in 1954 however, in 1997 they officially departed from each other. After her, Jackson again got married to Victoria Triggs in 2001 and later move apart. Altogether, Jackie Jackson has four children. Sigmund Esco Jackson Jr. AKA Siggy and Brandi Jackson are his kids from his first wife. Again in 2013, Jackson became the parent of two sons with Emily Besselink.

Jackie Jackson has a net worth of approximately 200 thousand dollars.

Emily Besselink

Besselink’s Net Worth

Emily Besselink is married to Jackie Jackson and is not involved in any kind of work. So it’s not possible to gather her net worth. However, her husband’s net worth can be termed as her own.

Emily Besselink


Hopefully, this much information is enough to know about Emily Besselink along with her husband and net worth.