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Also known as Shokugeki no Soma Food Wars is a Japanese manga series turned anime on Netflix. You can again watch this animated Tv series on various channels such as TBS, MBS, CBC, Adult Swim, Anime Network, and many others.

So, what should you know about season three of Food wars? This article has all the updates of this comedy, cooking, and slice of life anime Tv series.

When Was the Release Date of Food Wars Season 3?

For your information, the third season of Food Wars’ premiere was on 4th October 2017 to 25th June 2018. But for Netflix fans, you can only watch the first and second seasons. Don’t worry, as you can watch it on other networks. The airing of this animated series was on Tokyo MX, BS11, Animax, and AbemaTV.

The Plot

This anime’s storyline revolves around Soma Yukihira. Soma wants to be a permanent chef at Restaurant Yukihira. The restaurant belongs to his dad ‘Joichiro.’ His main objective to become a better chef than his father.

But that becomes a challenge after Joichiro secures a new job requiring him to travel often, leading to his restaurant’s closure. Before leaving, Joichiro ensures that Soma Yukihira becomes a student at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute.

Totsuki Saryo is a leading culinary school in Tokyo. This school participates in food preparation competitions.

The competition is known as Shokugeki. Yukihira gets a chance to study in the school despite opposition by Erina Nakiri.

Nakiri is the granddaughter of Totsuki Saryo’s dean, and she is also talented. After his enrollment, Yukihira is taken to the Polaris dormitory and interacts with other students, including Megumi Tadokoro.

As a first-year student, Yukihira and other students participate in a cooking competition that sees a third of his fellow students expelled. Soma is lucky and goes to the next phase called Fall Classic.

Fall Classic is a contest pitting the best sixty students but trims them to only eight. The eight remaining students participate in the autumn elections. After the tournament, students go for a one-week internship at local restaurants.

The third season plot sees Soma contest in the Moon Festival against Terunori Kuga, a Ten Masters. This festival aims to see who collects more money during the festival that takes place in three days.

The first part of season three ends where Nakiri’s dad comes and becomes the head of Totsuki Saryo. Azami Nakiri creates the Central Gourmet Institute that acts as the ruling body of Totsuki.

In part two of season three of Food wars sees students take part in promotional examinations. This is not as easy as the Central Gourmet Institute instructs students to follow their guidelines to pass the exams.

But at the end of season three, we see Soma and other students with the same ideology compete in a Shokugeki with a group by Azami. The Shokugeki aimed to overthrow Azami’s leadership.

The Cast of Food Wars

Food Wars Cast


The main character in this anime series is Soma Yukihira. Yukihira is officially known as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Soma worked at his father’s diner before the closure leading him to join Totsuki Saryo, a cooking school.

Erina Nakiri’ Hisako Kanemoto’ is the granddaughter of Senzaemon, the institute’s dean. Kanemoto is the youngest student at the school.

During her childhood Erina’s dad abused her. Erina later quits his dad’s ruling body and joins the rebel students.

Megumi Tadokoro as Minami Takahashi. Tadokoro is the best friend of Soma. They also shared the same class and dormitory (Polaris).

Others characters in the anime include;

  • Satoshi Isshiki
  • Fumio Daimido
  • Yuki Yoshino
  • Shun Ibusaki
  • Zenji Marui
  • Ryoko Sakaki

They are some of the characters in Food Wars. There are many others, but Soma Yukihira is the only one to appear in all the episodes.

How Many Episodes Does Food Wars Season Three Have?

According to IMDB, the third season has twenty-four episodes, and all-season three episodes have a rating of more than 8/10. This shows how captivating the animated television series is.

What is the Length of Each Episode?

Food wars season three has twenty-four episodes, and each episode runs for approximately twenty-four minutes. Other episodes run for twenty-five minutes.

What Happened in the Last Episode of Food Wars Season Three?

With a fan approval rating of 9.1 out of ten on IMDB, season three’s last episode sees Yukihira and Nene compete in the final culinary battle. After Nene presents her meal, the judges praise her food, and this is after she was the first to finish preparing the food.

This makes it challenging for Soma. So, what will he do to change the mind of the judges? Please watch to know what happened.


This is all information about Food Wars season three. I hope you have learned more.