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You may have surely heard of Hitman Holla if you are interested in battle and street rap. He has often posted pictures with his son, Gereniah Fulton, but how much do you know about him? Rapper, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, Hitman Holla is well known over the country for his bars and his great lyrics. He has often featured in several tracks with well-known artists, and also has his music albums.

Read on to know more about Geremiah Fulton. We do not know whether he would follow in his father’s footsteps in the world of rap, but you can never know!

Personal Life

There’s still lacking data regarding the birthday or age of Hitman Holla’s son. We feel that Geremiah would be somewhere in his mid-teen years. He is currently not very active on any social media platform, so whatever information we have, is from his father’s bio and posts on social media. He is very close with his paternal grandparents, grandmother Gerald Fulton Sr. and grandmother Sue Fulton.


Geremiah Fulton is the only son of rapper Hitman Holla. There has been no confirmation on who his mother is. Many say that Hitman Holla’s long-time sweetheart, Cinnamon might be his mother, but there has been no confirmation on this.

Parents’ Career

Geremiah Fulton is the son of one of the greatest battle rappers in today’s age, Hitman Holla, or Gerald Fulton Jr. There has been no information about who his mother is. His father had great college athletic records and was offered several scholarships, but decided to pursue a career in battle rap. His debut battle was against Reby D in 2008. His aggressive delivery and technique involving remixing his bars made him gain fame and popularity.

Hitman Holla has participated in quite a few battle rap tournaments including Fight Klub, Battle America, and URL. As a professional rapper, he has collaborated with several famous rappers and singers. His 2017 single “Diddy Dum Dum” featuring rapper Jeff was a sensation. Reports say that the rapper has launched his fashion clothing line Yett Yett and Ball Game.


Hitman Holla has only one child, Geremiah Fulton. This means that he is a single child and does not have any siblings. He is currently 16 years old and is loved and cherished by both his father. This is evident from Hitman Holla’s Instagram post on his son’s birthday.

Career And Education

There is not much information regarding Geremiah Fulton at the moment. What we know about him is from his father’s bios and other interviews. It is not clear which school he currently goes to, or what he studies. Further, there has been no information regarding his goals in life. He might become a battle rapper like his father, or he might even choose some other career path. Fans can’t help it and would have to wait and see what he achieves in life.

Net Worth

There’s no official statistics regarding the net worth of Geremiah Fulton. However, his father is an entrepreneur and rapper and has a net worth of $3 million. His fashion clothing lines, Yett and Ball Game are quite popular.


Geremiah Fulton is not currently available on Instagram. There is very little information regarding him at the moment. He is, however, available on Facebook, but is not very active on the social media platform.  He seems to be very conscious of his non-public life and has chosen to stay in the dark.