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Gigi Santo Pietro is no one other than the daughter of TV personality Vanna White and film producer George Santo Pietro. Let’s read further about Gigi, her life, glamour, Vanna, her success, her father, and much more.

Short Bio

Gigi was born on 1 July 1997 in the United States. She is the daughter of Vanna and George. She is currently 26 years old. She is very close to her mother. She has one sibling named Nikko. She attended The Sherman Oaks School. Later, she studied photography at New York University. She is currently working as an artist at Lincoln Tattoo Company in Los Angeles.

Social Media Presence

She is currently active on social media platforms. She is currently active on Instagram. By looking at her Instagram profile, we can assume that she is an artist and interested in designing tattoos. She has posted on Instagram about the tattoos only. She has more than 4000 followers on Instagram. Moreover, she is active on LinkedIn as well.

Glamorous Life

Being a daughter of celebrities and being an artist, Gigi lives a very glamorous life. As she is the daughter of celebrities, she lives in a big house and wears branded clothes. This is the way she lives her glamorous life.

Why Is She So Famous?

She is very famous among the netizens and people. She is famous because she is the daughter of Vanna and George. They themselves are famous among the media and people and that limelight and media gets attracted towards her as well. Moreover, she is famous for being an exceptional tattoo artist. These are the few reasons why she is so famous among the netizens and people.

Gigi’s Mom: Vanna

Gigi’s Mom Vanna was born on 18 February 1957 in Conway, South Carolina, United States. She is the daughter of Miguel Angel Rosich and Joan Marie Rosich. She attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design. After graduation, she worked as a model. Later, she shifted to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting.

Before her debut on TV, she was a contestant in the Miss Georgia USA Pageant in 1978. She made her debut in the show The Price is Right. Later, she appeared in the shows Midnight Offerings, Goddess of Love, Totally Minnie, Married With Children, and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Her autobiography Vanna Speaks! was a bestseller. She also featured in Playboy magazine wearing see-through lingerie. She is known for the show Fortune of Wheel. She got famous due to this show. Besides being a TV personality, she is a game show co-host, model, and an author. She appeared in the movies Graduation Day, Looker, and Naked Gun 33 ⅓: the Final Insult.

She is also a philanthropist. She donated more than $1 Million to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and will continue to make donations even after her retirement.

Gigi’s Parents Love Life

Gigi’s parents Vanna and George married in 1990. Beside being a film producer, George was a restaurant owner. They conceived two children. Unfortunately, they both decided to divorce due to some differences between them.


Gigi is the loving kid of her parents. She has chosen a career which is different from her parents and is successful and famous in her career.