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Gilbert Hartman LaPierre was born on 29th June 1923 in Irvington, New Jersey.

Early Life of Gilbert

Gilbert attended high school in Newark, New Jersey. He attained the Eagle Scout rank in his grade school.

He was very good at sports throughout his school life, mainly playing baseball. He received his higher education from the University of Missouri School of Mines and got a degree in Petroleum engineering. He was a past president and a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity. World War II impacted his studies, and his college education was interrupted for two and a half years.

Career Life

Gilbert registered in the Army Air Corps, where he became a bombardier on B 24s, accumulating thirty-five missions. After a bombing mission, he survived, ditching his plane into the ocean.

After graduation, he worked in City Service Oil Company as an Evaluation Engineer. Later on, he was offered the same role at the Chase Bank, New York. During that time, Chase Bank was the largest gas and oil industry. He worked on mergers, sales, and loans for significant oil and gas companies.

According to Gilbert, he learned about the oil and gas business at Chase. In 1952, he became the Oil and Gas Department manager for W.E Hutton. After that, he accepted the position of vice-president for the new oil and gas division of the Union Bank of California. Further, Gilbert decided to go for his own business as a financial oil and gas consultant.

After several trips to Oklahoma City, Gilbert and his wife Beverly permanently moved here in 1966. Gilbert has been in the oil and gas industry since 1947, and he helped many individuals and oil companies open businesses in Oklahoma and other states.

About Personal Life

After moving to Oklahoma City, Gilbert became a member of the Quail Creek Golf and Country. Here he used to enjoy his favorite sports for thirty years. Gilbert and his wife Beverly traveled to various destinations and spent summers at their home in Linville, North Carolina. The couple enjoyed the cold weather and golf and acquired many friends. In recent years. Gilbert enjoyed his close friendship with the Moore family.

Gilbert and Beverly have four daughters, namely Cher, Verna Bullock, Georgeanne Bartylak, Deborah Avery and one stepdaughter Diana Spahn. They also have grandchildren, including Kelly Hill, Elisha Almond, Christopher Borgen, Stacy Starchman, Chas Bono, and one step-grandson Darren Lazarus.

Gilbert Hartmann died on 7th February 2012 in Oklahoma City. He was a special gentleman who had a kind, loving and generous nature. He will be remembered forever and loved and missed by all.

His family and friends give heartfelt thanks to Gil’s caregivers, such as Latoyei Bank, Aquanna Carter, Valerie Carter, Demetria Jordan and Linda Banks, for their loving care of this man.