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Gotham is made by Bruno Heller and is subject to characters who are appropriated by DC Comics. Its latest show, season 5, was aired on 3rd January 2019 and shut down on 25th April 2019. This season had a total of 12 scenes. This series premieres on Fox and has had the completion of five episodes completely. The critics gave affirmative reviews on all the episodes claiming they are well-paced, fun, or moody.  Season 5 was the last season where the fans acquired the opportunity to see an imploringly changed way to deal with batman’s story.

Is the season renewed or cancelled

Gotham season 5, which concluded in April 2019, was the final episode of the great show. Therefore, Fox’s series was not cancelled as most people would have thought, but it is according to the showrunner’s plans to end it there. The possibility of the renewal of Gotham season 6 can be improbable to happen. Season 5, as evidence, had a good ending instead of ending on a cliffhanger. Additionally, unlike the other seasons, which have 22 episodes, season 5 had 12 episodes meaning it was coming to an end. From this perception, there is evidence that Gotham season 6 is not renewed and may even not be renewed.

Gotham Season 6 Release date



Gotham has several seasons, which comprise several scenes. The latest season 5 was aired on January 3, 2019, and shut down on April 25, 2019. The release dates for Gotham season 6 have not yet been established. However, there may be no release date for season 6 because it may have ended in season 5.  From the look of things, season 5 seemed to conclude everything in the show. However, if there will be a play of season 6, the release dates will be communicated.


There is no assurance that there will be the return of season 6 of the series, Gotham. However, if it happens to come back someday, some casts will not miss out on the show. Some of the casts who will show up include; Erin Richards, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Lili Simmons, Camren Bicondova, Donal Logue, Andrew Stewart Jones, Robin Lord Taylor, Zabryna Guevara, Cory Michael Smith. Once they come back in season 6 and take back their roles, the season will end up being captivating and interesting as expected. However, the showrunner may also decide to add new characters to make the series more interesting.  We have to wait and see whether our favourite characters will show up on our screens once again.


In Gotham season 5, Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz, turned to be a batman. Additionally, Jim Gordon, who is played by Ben McKenzie, evolves into a mustached lawmaker. It is as evidenced in iconic DC Comics. This captivated the fans so much hence their endless desire to watch season 6. According to the creators, the series came to an end as it did not end on a cliffhanger. Therefore, there is no plot for Gotham season 6 as it may have ended in the previous season.


The Gotham series creators have not put forward whether there will be a release of season 6. From our perception, the show came to an end in season 5, considering how different it is from the other seasons. Season 5 has 12 episodes, unlike the others, which have 22 episodes. It also leaves the people with less suspense as compared to the previous seasons. There have not been any new updates on the coming of Gotham season 6. Once it is approved that the season will be released, the viewers will automatically know it.

When to expect Gotham season 6

It would be saddening for the viewers to realize that season 6 may not come as they expect. Gotham season 5 seems to be the final season of the series. It covers a better part of what the viewers would wish to see in the next season. With the way season 5 is played, there may not be a possible play of season 6. Therefore, there is no assurance whether Gotham season 6 will be aired or not and when it will be. As of now, season 5 remains to be final.


What most fans want from the creators’ show is Gotham season 6. Having received positive feedback from critics in the previous seasons, it managed to reach a wide audience. Many people were thrilled by this series, and the release of Gotham season 6 would be the best thing for them. Because it was not cancelled, there is hope that probably soon, season 6 will be out. However, people should not be hopeful about its coming because season 5 seems to be the end of the series. After all, it is organized and distinctive from the other seasons.