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Grand blue, also termed Guranburu in Japanese, was a fiction that used to air on TV.  The series was similar to a manga show. Season 2 of grand blue was prepared by Kenji Inoue and later was represented by Kimitake Yoshioka. The first advertisement of the manga was done in ethics.

This Japanese comic anime was released in July 2018 where it consisted of 12 episodes that covered the first few chapters of manga volumes. The final episode of the show was aired in September same year after its release date. Since that moment up tode, fans are still waiting for the release of grand blue season 2.

As of 2019, only 14 manga series have been published. Therefore it is clear that there is still more content to make the content the Studio Zero-G changes their minds and decides to launch the sequel.

Grand Blue Cast

Grand Blue Cast

When is the Release Date of Grand Blue Season 2 

Almost three years are down the line since the release of the last episode, and the ardent audience is working hard to ensure that the series gets back on the screens. Many petitions have been sending to Zero-G Studio to allow the release of the second season. Various fans have been seen showcasing their disappointment on the delay in to release of the season.

Most anime episodes take not less than five years to be released. Thus we are hoping that it is still too early to request for the sequel as it might be in the process of production. Therefore it is the right decision if the fans will choose to be patient for a moment. Regarding the release date, no release date has been declared. However, you need not panic as we should give the studio sufficient time to accomplish their work.

Additionally, according to other sources, it is said that we will wait until the end of the year 2021 is when the studio will have something for the fans. However, the studio has many projects that a lineup, hence the grand blue season may begin later. The anime has plenty of source materials. Therefore, the studio can as well make two seasons from the available content.

We hope that the studio will hear the fans’ plea and decide to release the much-awaited grand blue season 2. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

What will be the Plot of  Grand Blue Season Two

 The story shows the life of Lori Kithara, who is a fisherman as well as a protagonist of the show. Lori opted to start his school life and comes across his relatives in Grand Blue Shop to get normalcy. He managed to meet the members after he was invited. Despite going through many challenges, Lori continued with his college life full of happiness. In the grand season 2, we are hoping to see different new characters with some exciting storylines. The manga starts by diving the club members trying to join Oumi Women’s college to participate in voice actress competitions held at Girl’s school. To choose who to include in the boy’s contend, the love relation between the two Lori and Chisa is anticipated to increase. At the end of the season, we will most likely see the group that was leaving for Okinawa Island if they will make it to be the winners of the money. It is speculated that the season will be more enticing compared to season one of grand blue.

Is There a Trailer for Season two

The second season has not been announced yet. Therefore we cannot jump to the conclusion that there will be the upcoming trailer. The trailer will be much expected few days before the grand release of the second season. Therefore in case of any actual dates, we will be ready for the trailer.

Season 1 Plot

The show tells a story of a freshly graduated teenager known as Lori Kitahara, who decided to begin his life just after graduating from Izu college. Lori decided to move into his uncle’s diving club, which is buff guys interested in drinking and partying other than swimming.

When the diving club members noticed Lori, they welcomed him faster to join in the drinking. However, he was not willing to join them. He later gave in and accompanied them. While drinking, his cousin Kotegawa comes in, and unluckily Lori was found drinking and partying irresponsibly.

This led Lori into problems, though he remained determined to run his college life of partying, making good new friends, and beautiful girls.

Below are the backgrounds of some characters who will be featured in season 2, such as Lori Kihara, who is the main protagonist of the series, a first-year student of mechanical engineering. The next main character is Chisa Kitagawa and Kohei Imamura.