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Gravity Falls involves an American animated anonymous comedy television series. Alex Hirsch created these for Disney XD and Disney channel. This series aired from 15th June 2012 to 15th February 2016. It concerns the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister, Mabel. They are directed to pass the summer with their great uncle, Stan, in Gravity Falls, Oregon. It is a mysterious city full of supernatural forces and mystic creatures. These kids help Stan, their uncle, run a tourist trap, ‘the Mystery Shack,’ which he possesses while investigating the local mysteries.

Is Gravity Falls season 3 renewed or cancelled?

Gravity Falls received great acclaim from many people who awaited the release of season 3. This series was not cancelled, but it was finished.  It was already planned the period it would be aired. Therefore, Disney has nothing to do with the disappearance of the series on the screens. As evidenced from the beginning, Alex had complete advent to the end of this series. On 20th November 2015, in his Tumblr, Hirsch announced that he decided to end Gravity Falls. According to him Hirsch, because childhood ends, it makes the series very valuable. That is, he urged the viewers to cherish it while it lasts.

Release date of season 3

Having being aired worldwide on Disney Channel and Disney XD, most people anticipate season 3. Sadly, there is no set date to release season 3. However, it is not due to cancellation by Disney. The showrunner, Alex Hirsch, completed it with season 2.  As evidenced in 2015, Hirsch clarifies that the second season was the end of the show. Therefore, no matter what is said, there is no possibility of the release of season 3. 

The cast of Gravity Falls Season 3

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

The series, Gravity Falls, presented some of the ever-living characters.  If it happens to release season 3, the star casts include; the twin pines siblings, Mable (the girl), Dipper (the boy), Grunkle Stan, Soos Ramirez, and Wendy Corduroy, Dipper’s crush. These characters became a source of inspiration to many. Just in the same way you wish to be like a certain character in a film, these individuals left many people wishing to be like them. If someday they may decide to bring back season 3, it may come up with new characters.

The plot of Gravity Falls Season 3

There is no hint on what could happen in season 3 when it is released. Being season 2 declared as the end formally, there is less hope of having season 3 released. At the beginning of the cast, Alex emphasized and put forward that he made limited series. These had proper starting, middle, and end. The plot of Gravity Falls has a simple storyline where anyone as a kid can easily relate with. This series involves the Pines siblings visiting the town of Gravity Falls to stay with their uncle.  The siblings come across a certain mysterious diary in a nearby forest and explore the city’s secrets full of supernatural creatures and mysterious forces. Several other characters in the story accompany the twins in their play.

Season 3 Updates

Even though most people anticipate the release of season 3, it may not come to happen. Bearing in mind that the series was finished and not cancelled by Disney off the screens. However, Hirsch showed interest in several portions of this series in 2017, but no one of them pointed out a whole new season. Having acquired the series’s greatness, the fans need to wait just in case their favourite characters feature in different series. It is because you may not be able to watch the characters playing their roles in Gravity Falls series again.

When should we expect Gravity Falls Season 3?

As the showrunner claimed, there may be no continuation of the series. Therefore, there is no possible set date to expect the show. Having caught the attention of many people, many of them are expecting its return. Sadly, there is no continuation of this series; hence Gravity Falls Season 3 may not happen.


The series received great approval from many people in the world. So many people still wish for the release of season 3. However, the showrunner said that it is ‘finished.’ The rumours concerning Gravity Falls season 3 should be avoided as they will only bring you disappointment. This series gained great fame, which includes two Grammys, one BAFTA, and three Annies. Gravity Falls deserves to be positioned as one of the best animations ever in history. The story begins on one epic summer, and once summer is gone, the story ends. Therefore, avoid frustration by ignoring the rumours that there is a return of season 3.