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Gunner Ethan Pankey is the celebrity child of an American multi-talented personality Peter Gunz and actress Tara Wallace. Gunner is a 6-year-old baby. However, he is the talk of the town because of the fame of his parents. Let’s look into the fabulous life of Gunner in this celebrity article.


Tara Wallace is a versatile actress. She bcame quite popular for her role in “Love and Hip Hop”. The show is quite popular with the American audience so does Tara. She is also the coach of etiquette and personal development. She married Peter Gunz and came into Limelight. They started dating in early 2000. Peter is one of the most successful rappers in the world and he is in the industry for about 20 years. His first album was “Make it Reign”.

Nevertheless, their relationship was not up to the point and when Tara was pregnant with Gunner, her husband, Peter was in a relationship with another girl. The girl was none other than Amina Buddafly.  After the revelation of an extramarital affair with her husband, Tara moved on and had a divorce from Peter.

Personal Information and Net Worth

Gunner was born on February 13 of the Year 2016. By 2022 he is 6 years old. By appearance, he looks exactly like his mother Tara. The boy has black hair and eyes. He is the third child in the family and the youngest one. He was born at 1.25 in the afternoon and weighed around 2.75 kg at the time of birth. He has two brothers. By birth Gunner is Aquarius and his ruling planet are Saturn and Uranus. Saturday is his lucky day and his lucky numbers are 3, 4, 17, 18, and 22. Amethyst is the birthstone of Gunner. Air is his birth element.

The net worth of Tara Wallace is around US dollar 200 thousand and Peter has a net worth of about five hundred thousand US dollars. So, we can say that Gunner holds quite a lot of wealth from his divorced parents. Gunner enjoys a lavish lifestyle with his two brothers.

Controversy and Social Media

The family was engulfed by a big controversy about a love triangle. As said earlier Peter had an extramarital affair with Amina and this was the main reason for Tara and Peter’s divorce. Peter was also called out by his as well as Tara’s fans for cheating on Tara with three children.

Gunner is a 6-year-old guy and we couldn’t find his presence on social media. Nevertheless, his mother posts his cute pictures on her account. Gunner is now enrolled in primary school. However, the exact name of his Institute is unknown.

By all means, Gunner has plenty of life left to leave and enjoy. We would like to extend our best wishes for a bright future. We would like to see him as a rapper just like his father or a personality development coach just like his mother.