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Julie Chrisley is certainly a name you are familiar with if you enjoy American reality television. Yes, the reality television personality Julie Chrisley’s father is Harvey Hughes. Chrisley is a well-known television personality who rose to fame after appearing with her husband, Todd, and their kids on the program “Chrisley Knows Best.” Chrisley’s family have yet to appear on the show, despite the fact that Todd has been featured numerous times. Online sources, however, claim that Harvey Hughes, Chrisley’s father, will shortly make an appearance.

Personal Life

Pam Hughes and Harvey Hughes have been together for a very long time. There are numerous rumors about Harvey’s passing. But we kindly ask you not to take these untrue rumors at their value. We pledge to provide you with accurate and verified information. Harvey Hughes will make an appearance on his daughter Chrisley Knows Best’s unscripted television series while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Harvey Hughes is an American citizen who belongs to the white ethnic group. He has two kids from his relationship with Pam Hughes: Julie Chrisley, a well-known TV personality, and Trey Hughes, who passed away. After his small child died, he developed mental problems. He made the decision to work for the congregation as a result.

Currently, he and his wife, Pam Hughes, reside in Seneca, South Carolina. His height, weight, and physique measurements are not made public in any significant way. Additionally, his verified age is not searchable online. He is in his late 70s, nevertheless, it was revealed. He is in good health and shape despite his advanced age; he will even participate in his daughter’s reality program. It can be challenging for some people to stay healthy at such a ripe old age, but not Hughes. He continues to eat healthily and even engages in exercise to stay in shape.

Professional Life

When it comes to his professional experience, he has worked as a technician. Not to mention, he even started working at Advance Auto Parts as an associate administrator. He has been a mechanic for a sizable amount of time. After that, he eventually rose to the position of congregational Reverend. Apart from this, no other details about his line of work have been made public.

As soon as Julie Chrisley shares details about his professional life, we’ll keep you informed. His professional and career history are not disclosed on Wikipedia, and further information about his life or location remains a mystery.

Harvey Hughes III

Net Worth

He has been a mechanic for a sizable amount of time. The majority of Harvey Hughes’ income comes from his profession as a technician. Julie Chrisley, however, has kept his true net worth a secret. He does, however, lead a luxury lifestyle because his daughter is a well-known TV celebrity with a net worth of about $3 million.

Harvey Hughes is not a frequent user of social media. He doesn’t have any social media profiles because he doesn’t appear to enjoy sharing images or prefers to keep his personal information private. Julie, however, can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @JulieChrisley and @juliechrisley, respectively.


Harvey Hughes’ life has been more of a private thing, so nothing much is known about him. Hughes is currently in good health and will make an appearance on Chrisley Knows Best, the reality television program created by his daughter.