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High School DXD is a Japanese anime directed by Yoshifumi Sueda. The central theme of the story is the possession of school by the angels and devils. The main hero of the series is Issei Hyodo. Its storyline depicts the brooding of a hero to have a gorgeous girlfriend. Therefore, he decides to date Yumma Amano, a girl from his school who is a masked devil. At one time, she decides to attack the hero, but he is rescued by the female lead of the show, Rias Gremory.

Is the season High School DXD Season 5 renewed or cancelled?

The season has not been cancelled in any way. It was promised that the new season would come into place in 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming series was shattered. 

The reason for the failed renewal of High School DXD Season 5 can be attributed to the covid-19 situation. According to the director’s perception, the graphic studio, to some extent, is upgrading. Therefore, the fifth Season will be renewed soon, which is a joy to most people.

Release date of Season 5

High School DXD Season 5

High School DXD Release Date

The High School DXD Season 5 was expected to be launched with enthusiasm in 2020. However, the covid-19 situation brought about delays. Up-to-date, the directors and the Passione studio have not passed any information concerning the headway of High School DXD Season 5. However, according to several speculations, 2021 may have the charisma to picture this new anticipated season. There is a reward in patience, so fans should be patient enough to release the season 5 dates.

Cast in High School DXD Season 5

From the previous seasons, the series has greatly fascinated the audience. It is expected to provide the same kind of thriller experience or even better.   The director deserves credit for bringing out the talent. The star casts likely to appear in season 5 include; Koneko Toujou, Akeno Himejima, Asia Argento, Rias Gremory, and Issei Hyodo. In as much as we await the return of Season 5, we also anticipate seeing our various favourite characters. There is no communication on whether there will be new characters in this new season. However, the director may decide to add up a few new characters to bring out the viewers’ most thrilling effect.  

The plot of High School DXD Season 5

The writer of the story completed the 12 segments in 2012. There are high chances that season 5 will rise from volumes 11 and 12. The first scene will involve the entry of Issei, Akeno, and Kiba. In this instance, the preparation of the middle-class test will be on its end. Contrary, Koneko will be as seen as distorted. The intimacy of Ria and Issei makes him so suspicious. This story will progressively develop at the residence of Hyodou. Here, Azazel will try to reach out to Ophis and Khaos leaders. The igniting sequence will continue from then onwards. It can be correlated with season 3 of Highschool.


According to the perception of director, the graphic studio needs to be upgraded. In the new season, the Passione studio is nearly overtaking the anime. The changes are because of the fluctuated work by the former studio. It is responsible for angling the story away from the Manga. This new season will follow up season 4, the ‘Hero Oppai Dragon’ from the manga. It is a statement released by the makers of this anime. In season 4, the characters model the scenes from volumes 9 and 10. It is with no doubt that season 5 of the series will be derived from volumes 11 and 12.

When should we expect Season 5?

Even though the dates have not yet been confirmed, the High School DXD season 5 should be expected anytime. If it were not for the covid-19 pandemic, there is a high probability that the season would be out. It is, therefore, without a doubt that season 5 will be premiering soon on the screens. The year 2021 is perceived as the year when this season will be out eventually.


The series High School DXD gained the favour and interest of so many people. It is doubtless that many of them are yearning to watch season 5, which may be the final season. In 2021, it may be the best year for its viewers. The chances of its release are very high, as it would have happened earlier were it not for the pandemic. The series from seasons 1 to 4 received widespread acceptance from the people since when it was aired on the screens. It is with high hopes that 2021 will release this much anticipated High School DXD Season 5.