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Professional cycling has been a popular sport almost since the bicycle was invented. It is quite understandable why cycling has become such a popular sport. After all, most kids learn how to ride a bike from an early age, and the spirit of riding fast and trying to outrace your friends and neighbors becomes the goal of every little boy and girl. The spirit of competitive cycling is born when we are children.

Enjoying the Fun

However, not everyone gets into racing. While some may compete on some level, maybe by joining a triathlon or joining friends and family in a bike-a-thon, most come to the realization that cycling is nothing more than a leisure activity.

They will watch on TV, maybe even go on this site to place a wager on cycling races from across the globe, and play some strategy games, once they come to the realization that their best days on a bike are over.

Maybe Your Time Is Now!

While the quest to become a professional cyclist may be over for some, there are others who could see themselves competing. They may not envision themselves racing in the Tour de France, but could compete in local or regional cycling races. Maybe they do want to compete in a triathlon and see themselves being able to battle competitively against others in their age group or demographic.

The truth is that the great part about cycling is that it is something that you could excel at. If you are looking to get into professional cycling, here are some tips to help you to reach your goal.

Eat Well

While this seems to be true for almost anything you do in life, you must dedicate yourself to eating right. This starts with eating a lot of carbohydrates. This may surprise you, as carbohydrates seem like the evils of the food world, but it is essential that you eat lots of this food group.

Pasta and bread are high in nutrition and minerals that you need for energy while you’re riding. While you can get carbs from such things as potatoes, brown rice, and other similar types of foods, you need to get a lot of carbs into your body. This is an excellent source of energy, which is why racers—both cyclists and runners—consume large amounts of it.

Do not limit yourself to carbs, however. You need to eat a lot of protein to help your muscles, as well as fruits and vegetables. Eat well and eat right, and this will help you improve your skills on the bike.

Train, Train, Train!

It could be that every Saturday you hop on your bike and go for a 50-mile ride. This is a fun activity that has spurred your desire to compete competitively. This is definitely a way to improve your physical fitness.

Now, if you want to compete competitively, you need to double that ride and do it four or five times a week. Unless you are intending to race short distances, or sprint cycling, you need to put in a lot of miles on your bike every day. You need to be training at least five days a week.

Your training cannot be limited only to long-distance riding. You need to do intervals. You also need to do weight training. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Learn about Different Types of Racing

Before you decide to race professionally, you also need to determine what type of racing you want to do. There are several long-distance races that occur over multiple days. If this is the type of racing you want to do, then you are going to have to ride 150 miles every day for months. This requires a lot of time.

However, there are other types of racing that may better suit your time and desire. In fact, there are even a group of races where you can compete on your stationary bike at home using a computer program and simulator. This may better accommodate your busy schedule and keep you on your bike even when the weather is not good.

Learn from Other Racers

The best teacher you could ask for is someone who is already competing professionally. These are men and women who have reached the ultimate level in the cycling world. They are competing in international events and have become recognizable within the industry.

These are the people you need to learn from. Find articles about them and learn about their training techniques and eating regimen. There is a reason why they are where they are, and it makes sense for you to learn from the very best.

You should also go to some events. Check out the cycling race tour calendar and see when there is a race that is near you or where you can go to attend an event. It is true that you can watch these events on television, but nothing provides you with the reality of these events like watching them live. So, find some time and get out to see how these racers compete, giving you an idea of how you can be a winner!