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If you want to create a passport photo, you can take passport photos online as it is super easy and free of cost. With the help of a reliable website, you may create a passport photo based on the standards of your respective country. You don’t have to use expensive and complicated photo editing software. If you are an inexperienced photographer, try taking more than one photo with different types of lighting. After clicking the photo, you can easily choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Here are a few requirements that you have to meet:

General Passport Photo requirements

The passport photo should be colorful that have been taken in the last six months.

The picture should have a white or off-white background. In case, you are taking a photo against a white wall make sure there is absolutely no decoration on the wall.

  • Look straight at the camera.
  • Both eyes must be open.
  • There should be no expressions on your face.
  • The mouth must be closed.
  • Full face should be visible. Do not wear a cap or hat.
  • There must be no other objects in the background or on the face. There must be no hair on the face as well.
  • There should be no shadow on your face or behind your head.
  • The lighting should be good.

After knowing the requirements, you should know the steps to create your identity photos.

Take a photo- Ensure someone takes a passport photo for you. Selfies are unacceptable. You may make use of a tripod if you have one. By using a tripod, you will be able to keep the camera at the right level and angle. Ideally, you should be at least 1 meter away from the camera. Your head should face the camera directly to bring your full face is in the frame. It will lead to a highly accurate passport photo.

Choose the right place for clicking the picture- Take a photo in a room where lightning is good. Use a white wall or a curtain as a background. Or else you can put a large piece of white paper on the wall. Do not use the flashlight as it may cause a shadow in the background. You can also turn on the ceiling lights. The light should fall on the face evenly. Stand one meter away from the wall as standing too close to the wall might lead to shadow formation on the wall.

Dress appropriately for your photo- Put on your regular clothes in order to click a perfect passport photo. Omit wearing eyeglasses. You should not wear any other types of glasses while taking a passport photo. Make sure that your face is properly visible and that you have neutral expressions on your face.

Upload the photo- Once you have clicked a photo, select your country, photo type, and print size, and then click on upload. As soon as your photo is uploaded, a cropped page opens up. On this page, you may cut the photo using the crop frame. If your picture is very dark, you may use the adjustment tool in order to adjust the contrast, hue, brightness, etc.

Artificial Intelligence prepares your photo- If you have missed any essential detail while taking a passport photo, AI will check your picture and make the desired changes, such as cropping it to the desired size, also remove the background, etc.

Expert verification- AiPassportPhotos experts will do the additional verification so as to check if your photo meets the mentioned requirements.

Download- After doing all the above-mentioned steps, click on the download button in order to download your passport photo. After downloading you can get it printed.

Why should you choose online passport photo services to create a passport photo?

You may go to a professional photographer in order to get your picture clicked but for that, you will have to waste a lot of time and money. And sometimes it gets super inconvenient.

On the other hand, if you choose to take passport photos online, there are several benefits. Firstly, it is convenient i.e., you don’t have to waste time, money, and effort. You can get your passport photo ready without even stepping out of your house. Secondly, you get professional service. The expert team is available 24/7 in order to assist you.

With AiPassportPhotos maker, you can convert your normal photo into a passport photo quickly. AiPassportPhoto will recognize the portrait part and will change the background of your photo to white with just a single click. Go to AiPassportPhoto as it is the most reliable and low-cost online passport photo service to make an awesome passport photo.